If you’ve been thinking about going out on your own but are afraid to make the leap, you’ll definitely want to hear this week’s podcast. Jason Racca is one of my Mastermind group members, and he’s managed to lean into practice with a solid side hustle that involved very little risk or disruption to his life!

From the moment he encountered manual therapy in PT school, Jason was sold. As he learned more about the transformative power of some leading-edge manual therapy techniques, he always kept the idea of starting a private practice in mind. He was fortunate to join an insurance-based practice that was happy to mentor him toward his dream of owning his own practice one day, and that relationship has endured for quite a few years. 

But by February 2020, Jason was finally ready to take the leap and start seeing patients in a mobile, cash-based side hustle. This low-risk approach allowed him to continue working the same job while testing the waters to see what would happen. One month later, Covid hit. Nevertheless, he continued building his practice and has recently begun cutting his hours at the other clinic.

In this interview, you’ll hear about the strategies that helped Jason create his practice completely outside the insurance world and with very little risk—including what’s worked well and lessons learned along the way.

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More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • The win-win situation he arranged with his employer (and his wife) that enabled him to openly start his own practice while maintaining his old job.
  • How Jason implemented a rate increase so it was accepted without complaint by his patients.
  • The reasons he usually gets an easy yes from prospective patients.
  • The “intriguing” technique that brings in the largest portion of new business.
  • How he encourages lots of WOM referrals among his existing patients.
  • An idea for leveraging social media to build a strong network of prospects for free prior to launch.
  • Using story-based emails to stay top-of-mind among prospects.
  • The key shift that enables Jason to navigate the financial discussion in patient calls in a way that drives conversions.
  • How to make sure new-patient calls are handled properly by your staff.
  • The approach that has allowed Jason to really enjoy the process of building his business from Day 1.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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