Below, you’ll find a variety of resources I’ve used to create and grow my cash-based practice, as well resources that I or others have created to help you have the same level of success in this unique business model.

Before sharing these proven and trusted resources, an important disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission.

This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please know that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful for cash practice owners, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

Resources I’ve Created

The Cash-Based Practice Podcast

If you’re interested in the cash-based business model and haven’t tuned in to this podcast, you are missing out on a massive amount of free information on how to successfully start/transition to a private-pay practice. Join me and dozens of successful cash-based practice owners as we dive into the details of how we’ve done it.

My Cash-Based Practice

This is the comprehensive, step-by-step story of how I created my successful 100% cash-based practice and had a full patient schedule within 6 months.This eBook has served as an ongoing guide to hundreds of your colleagues as they’ve realized their dream of starting/transitioning to a cash-pay practice. If you’re serious about creating a private-pay practice, don’t go it alone! … follow this proven formula for success in the out-of-network business model.

“Since implementing some of the ideas in this book, I’m now booked out several weeks in advance with a waiting list. I’m now in the position of hiring another PT to help me with overflow patients and grow my practice.” 

– Victoria Liu, PT San Ramon, California

Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy

Do you fully understand all the different scenarios in which you can and cannot accept self-payment from a Medicare beneficiary? If you are going to have success in this business model, or even if you want to maintain Participating Provider status but add some cash-pay services to your practice, this is MUST-KNOW information. Don’t risk your entire practice by “guessing” when it comes to this vital topic.

“Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy has given me the tools to not only understand Medicare, but to make it work in my business. Before reading this book I was unsure of many things regarding Medicare and my cash-based business, so I just didn’t see Medicare patients at all. Now I have the understanding and confidence to see these patients without fear or stressing about what I can and can’t do.” 

– Dr. Allyson Sunderman, PT, DPT, PYT-C St. Augustine, Florida

The Cash-Based Practice Mastermind Group

If you want to create or transition to a cash-pay practice, but would like the ability to ask me questions and have my support and guidance every step of the way, this is the group for you. You’ll also have the support and feedback of a highly interactive group of colleagues working towards the same cash practice goals that you are. Between our weekly Q&A calls and private Facebook group, you’ll never have a question or issue that goes unanswered. This type of guidance and feedback can shave years off your path to private practice success, and keep you from making vital mistakes along the way.

“This was by far the best thing I have done to make my cash practice happen” ~ Jared Prince PT, Utah

Vital Practice Logistics and Marketing Software Platforms & Resources

Google Apps as EMR

Bootstrapping your business and trying to keep overhead low, but you want to go paperless? This short online course shows you how to use Google Apps as a low cost, HIPAA-compliant EMR! (save 10% by using the discount code “carter10”)


This awesome platform makes it as easy as possible for patients to leave impactful online reviews of your practice. It does so by removing the hurdle of having to log in somewhere or download any apps, and makes sharing it to other platforms easy/automatic depending on your settings.

The patient creates the review quickly and easily via their phone, it automatically displays on your website, auto-shares positive reviews to your social media platforms, and even offers the ability to do video reviews (which are very powerful). And just a click of a button also allows them to share the review to Google and Yelp! I’ve been using SoTellUs for about a year and our reviews are getting about 8,000 views per month!!


This is an incredible scheduling platform that I’ve used for years in my practice. It allows for easy online booking which is HUGE for decreasing administrative load and phone tag when patients want to book or change appointments. You can also connect your point-of-sale system to it and integrate it with Infusionsoft to trigger appointment-based marketing, onboarding, and follow-up campaigns.


This is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that I use for my clinic and the possibilities with this thing seem to be endless. We use it to automate and optimize a massive amount of how our business runs and thrives … everything from highly sophisticated behavior-based marketing, to lead generation and conversion; from new patient and new staff onboarding systems, to staff task reminders for follow up and patient retention; from email newsletters, to automated discharge systems that attract online reviews and create customers that refer friends and return as needed for life. It’s a fairly complex system and there’s definitely a steep learning curve, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, it can really automate and streamline much of your business.


LeadPages is a tool that allows you to easily create beautiful webpages for a variety of purposes. I primarily use LeadPages to create lead-generation webpages where people can opt-in for free reports or videos related to their pain/injury. This puts them in an automated follow up campaign to convert them from a lead into a paying customer.

I also utilize a product of LeadPages called “LeadDigits” for public presentations and workshops, which allows people to text a word to a 5-digit number to be automatically sent free information (and puts them in my marketing follow up campaign!)


This is a good low-cost option for email marketing. You can utilize aWeber to create and send monthly/weekly email newsletters, and also send the above-mentioned automated follow up emails when leads opt-in for something you’re offering. I use Infusionsoft and Patient Sites’ Lead Autom8r for these things but Aweber is a far cheaper option if you don’t need/want all the robust features of a full CRM like Infusionsoft.

Lead Autom8r – From PatientSites

This is a lead generation and nurture tool that does everything for you! With the above tools (Infusionsoft and LeadPages), I spent years, hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars creating what PT Drip Marketing platform has created and does for you … completely turnkey and ready to go! Why didn’t I use it? Because it didn’t exist when I was setting up all these lead gen marketing campaigns … heartbreaking! Honestly, if you want to incorporate lead generation and nurture into your website (and you should) this is the way to go unless you’re already extremely tech savvy and have a ton of free time and money. This platform can attach to any type of website, has beautifully designed landing pages and brilliant pre-written (but editable) emails, and will most definitely save you a ton of time and headaches.

Click here for a video walking you through how it works. 


This fantastic software is a movement measurement and analysis tool that identifies deficits and risk of injury, so you can help your clients stay on the field, on the job, and in the game. It makes it easy to take a person through a movement screen and provide a handout showing them where they have risks and areas that need work. It is great as a cash-pay service or simply to serve as lead generation and brand awareness among your target market.


There is now an app that enables patients to submit their own reimbursement claims with virtually any insurance company—in less than a minute! This incredible app can really turn the tables on the number one objection you’ll hear in most cash-based practices.

And best of all, it has free versions and very affordable paid versions depending on what you choose as a practice owner … It’s worth signing up whether you want to take advantage of the full, paid service or you choose the free option and simply share it with your patients (they can submit claims for under $2 per claim).

Your Website

My clinic’s website has components from …

Patient Sites

Anyone who listens to my podcast knows how much I love PatientSites. Just like their PT Drip Marketing platform mentioned above, their website and email/social media services are truly turnkey and perfect for any practice owner who wants a great website that ranks highly and converts visitors into patients … without building it and managing it themselves. Their website package also includes done-for-you monthly email newsletters and regular social media posting.

For my website, I utilize what’s called a “mirrored integration” with PatientSites to attach their 1,200+ SEO-dominating educational articles to my site at So their incredible amount of peer-written content attracts tons of visitors to my site, and they incorporate the same lead generation and ‘look’ of the website that had been designed for me. I went with this option rather than converting completely to the Patient Sites platform because I and my staff were already well trained in regularly adding our own content to our website and I wanted to keep it on the WordPress platform. But if that’s not the case for you, and regular blogs/videos, email newsletters, and social media marketing is a chore you dislike or don’t consistently get to, I’d go all in with PatientSites and let them do it all for you. Here’s a video I did with PatientSites founder, Scott Waddell, walking you through all of its features.


I utilized Flemming to do the advanced coding for the 3-step web forms you see if you click the orange buttons across the top of my website. These web forms integrate with Infusionsoft so people inquiring for different services can enter their info and we are alerted to reach out to them (and the web form provides us with important injury/pain-related info to help us convert that lead into a customer). So if you’re using Infusionsoft and you’d like to add these types of forms to your website, reach out to Flemming.

A few more thoughts on websites and how to decide what you want to do…

Many practice owners try to build their own website by learning WordPress and using a free/cheap “theme” or using one of those DIY platforms like Wix. You may think you’re saving money by going that route and in the case of extreme bootstrapping, I don’t blame you … I did it myself for the first year of practice when I literally had no savings and not much choice.

However, you need to consider that a free/low cost website may seem like it’s ‘saving’ you money, but it’s likely costing you thousands in lost business! 

If you can swing it financially, get a professionally designed site that is set up to capture leads so you can follow up via phone and email. Only about 3% of visitors to your website will be ready to pick up the phone and call for an appointment. You need to have ways to connect with and capture the contact info with the other 97%! All the above are quite good at creating lead-gen-style websites.

Costs: In general, there is a higher up-front (but still very fair) cost to getting a custom-designed site, but no ongoing costs. There is a lower upfront cost to working with Patient Sites but there is an ongoing monthly fee (but they also provide the ongoing email newsletters, social media marketing, and lead generation marketing depending on what you purchase). I only had a one-time fee with Flemming for the advanced programming, but I hear his website upfront fees are comparable to what I’d paid, but there is also an ongoing monthly fee afterward.

Cash-Based Marketing and Business Resources Created By Others I Trust


Hands down, Paul Gough and his two courses listed here have given me the most important and impactful marketing tools and business-growth strategies I’ve come across since starting my practice.


If you want to bring a steady flow of ideal cash-pay patients to your current or future practice, look no further than this online course. If you implement just 1 of the 6 modules in this course, that alone will make it worth the price of admission.

The Accelerator Method is marketing-strategy gold and gives you the tools to thrive in the quickly changing environment of high deductibles, high copays, and a more informed healthcare consumer who is really researching the options they have before choosing where to get treatment. Stop worrying about taking lunch to physician offices and learn how to successfully market your services directly to your ideal patient.


If you want your practice to be efficient, busy, and scalable with the least amount of headaches, this is the course for you. It covers everything from successful hiring and company culture, to key business metrics and creating a new-patient-onboarding system that massively improves lead conversions, schedule drop-offs, and customer lifetime value.

Implementing the systems and strategies I’ve learned in this course has been an absolute game changer for my business! Click below to see all the details of what you’ll learn and how it can get you the same results I’ve had.


Most people who follow me are also very familiar with Aaron and all the great Cash PT info and tools he has produced. Below are a few incredibly helpful resources for anyone looking to start or grow their cash-based practice.


This is a package of extremely useful administrative tools and documents created for a small cash-based practice. It would take dozens of hours to properly create these docs and templates on your own and you can get them all here for less than $100.

More specifically you will get: Documentation Templates, Patient Intake Forms, Consent Forms, Communication Templates, Administrative Forms, and Outcome Measures that have been used by hundreds of your Cash PT colleagues.


I’ve seen estimates that a ‘bad hire’ can cost a PT clinic between $150,000 – $250,000 worth of salary, taxes, time, and negative effects on various parts of your business. This product teaches you how to automate the process of weeding out less-qualified candidates and finding truly stellar employees, saving you tons of time and money.


Danny is a true man of action and in this online course, he shares everything you need to know to create a cash practice within or associated with a gym.

I’ve been totally impressed and inspired by Danny’s ability to implement so much in such little time. In just two years Danny went from starting a cash-based practice in a small room inside a crossfit gym to having 3 locations and 2 other fully-booked PTs! In this course you will learn exactly how to replicate his success (as long as you’re willing to hustle!)


This is a completely free mentorship program in which you’ll join a community of hundreds of colleagues excited about the business of Physical Therapy. Greg’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious and you can’t help but take action with his guidance and encouragement.


I consider Jerry the best example of a practice owner that successfully transitioned from an in-network practice to a completely out-of-network practice. He and his business partner dropped all insurance contracts from their 3-clinic practice in San Francisco and never missed a beat or took a hit with patient numbers. They now operate a $1.5 million revenue out-of-network practice! How? He explains it in this fantastic 3-hour video training perfect for any practice owner looking to transition out-of-network.

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CBP 129: The first and most vital step in talking about your rates

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