I have been providing free and detailed cash-based practice content on this site for over 7 years. As a result, nearly 99% of all questions that come through this contact page have been answered via the blog, podcasts, or my various e-books. Due to the overwhelming number of emails I receive, please understand it may be a number of weeks before I can respond to questions via this contact page. Please consider searching this site (there's a search field in the right sidebar) before submitting a question. You may also find your answer in my e-book. If it's related to Medicare, make sure you have downloaded the free e-book on Medicare by clicking here. If your 'Cash PT & Medicare' question is still not answered, it is probably answered in the full-length Medicare e-book which includes a 30 page FAQ section. Still have a question for me on the Cash-Based business model? Please consider recording it below. I love recorded questions because I can feature them on the podcast and our colleagues can benefit from the answer as well. It's highly likely that at least a few others out there have the same question you do. Help me to keep producing great content by recording your question rather than sending an email. You will be prompted to leave your email address after the recording is finished so that I can get back to you even if your question is not used on the podcast.

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If you still feel compelled to send an email, please do so via the form below.

I can answer one or two quick questions, but if you have a large number of questions I will likely need to set up a paid phone consultation with you. Finally, if you are especially interested in the cash-based business model, you should consider The Cash-Based Practice eBook or better yet, my Cash-Based Practice Mastermind. In the Mastermind, members get to ask me any questions they have at any time. The monthly membership costs less than a 45 minute private consultation.

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