A Community of Current and Future Private Practice Owners Achieving Massive Success in the Cash-Pay Business Model

Enrollment is now open for a limited number of spots in this highly interactive, supportive, and successful group of people who are serious about starting, growing, or transitioning to a cash-based private practice. 

If you dream of owning a practice where you spend as much time as you want with each patient and don't have to deal with the low reimbursements and endless paperwork & regulations of insurance companies, read below about how this group can help make that dream a reality. 

Cash Practice Owner, Author, Consultatnt

Hello! My name is Jarod Carter and I started a successful 100% Cash-Based private PT practice in 2010. After 6 years of writing, speaking, podcasting, and teaching thousands of healthcare providers about the private-pay business model, I could see that my colleagues needed an opportunity to not only work with me personally, but to also have the support and guidance of peers working toward the same goals.

If you want to create, grow, or transition to a private-pay practice, but have tons of questions and concerns about how to make it happen, you will get the answers, resources, and confidence you need within this Mastermind program. 

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Here's What You'll Get In The Cash-Based Practice Mastermind

  • Weekly, in-depth Live Q&A and Group Coaching calls with Jarod and occasional guest experts. You’ll get all your questions answered and receive direct feedback and support from Jarod, so you can make decisions with the confidence that they have been run by an expert in the cash-based practice model! Note: Most members get as much or more from hearing the challenges and questions that other members in the group bring to the calls. (Also note: all calls are recorded and you will receive the replays to rewatch, or catch what you missed if you can’t make every call.)
  • Access to a highly interactive and supportive community of current and future cash-practice owners via our exclusive Private Facebook group. Post your questions any time to get a direct answer from Jarod and other Mastermind members.
  • Feedback and critiques on your website, blog posts, videos, social media posts, advertisements, etc. Post your marketing pieces in the Facebook community so Jarod and others can critique them to ensure higher response and maximal return on investment of your time and money.
  • Training and ongoing tasks/tools to generate the type of mindset most commonly found in the world's greatest entrepreneurs
  • Access to the resources, softwares, documents, and other tools used by successful cash-based practices
  • Hiring systems that save you time and, most importantly, help you avoid bad hires
  • Huge savings on Jarod’s other courses, workshops, and books for the life of your membership
  • Access to a training vault of all past Q&A-coaching calls

Behind The Scenes Look At The Mastermind Members Area:

Get an inside look at what you'll receive access to when you sign up...

Join For A Year * ($741 Discount)

*Pay in Full for the Year and Receive 3 Months Free

Here's What Your Colleagues Are Saying About The Cash-Based Practice Mastermind

Before joining the Mastermind, I had barely finished with forming the legal documents to get things started. I had a lot of questions about where to start, and how to move forward without wasting too much time making mistakes. At the time of starting in the Mastermind, I had done a lot of reading, a lot of podcast listening on my commutes, but Jarod's organization of the mastermind and his eCourse connected a lot of dots for me. Since then, I've managed to create a solid base of a business that gave me great flexibility while my wife was pregnant and we had our first child. I'm also now more confident in what to focus on while my wife is working less for awhile. I'm convinced that every business owner needs good mentoring and good coaching. Jarod offers both of these, and he offers an excellent example of each.

~ David Miller, PT

I have listened to Jarod Carter’s podcast for a long time and have always thought that he shared such great information for the clinician that wants to start their own cash clinic. From the podcasts, I gained a great motivation to make this a reality so many times but once I tried to start the process I became so overwhelmed I totally doubted my ability to create a successful cash practice. Then in October of 2017 I pulled the trigger and signed up for Jarod’s Cash Practice Mastermind group and have loved every minute of it. The system Jarod has created is such a thorough process that nothing is left unturned. He provides you with all of the resources you need from setting up your business phone line to creating the most impressive lead generation and marketing process. One of my favorite parts of the mastermind group are the weekly video chat meetings we have. Everybody in the group is able to share their successes, their struggles and their dreams of what they want their practice to be like. This was by far the best thing I could have done to make this cash practice happen. If you want to have a successful beginning to starting your cash practice then sign up now. Thanks for all that you have done Jarod! 

~ Jared Prince PT

I came into the mastermind with some skepticism but I almost immediately learned the obvious value of being in this group of hungry professionals. Everybody builds off of each other and the resources are endless. Content for days and days and archives of stuff that my new company desperately needed. I went from seeing 1-3 people weekly and am now fully booked within only a few weeks. Jarod has been super helpful and I am thankful to have stumbled upon his podcast and mentorship program. The mastermind group is a must if you are trying to expedite your business growth. Don’t learn the hard way by doing it on your own. Thanks, Jarod!

~ Grayson Starbuck, DPT, CSCS, FAAOMPT
Owner of Kinito Physical Therapy and
host of the Healthcare Misfit podcast

Who Is This Program Specifically Designed For?

This program is for you if:

  • You are not happy with your current practice or employment situation, and frustrated by insurance companies influencing the amount of time you/staff have with patients and how you treat them.
  • You’re tired of stressing out about insurance/Medicare denials, falling reimbursements for your services, and having to pay someone to sit on the phone with insurance companies all day.
  • You can’t stand the amount of paperwork required to have a functional, profitable insurance-based practice.
  • You want to create a business that allows you to spend your work hours on things you really enjoy, and employ others to cover the necessities you’re not crazy about.
  • You want the freedom to spend more time with family and loved ones, and take better care of yourself.
  • You’re sure you want to get out of the insurance-based model, but not sure where or how to start.
  • You’re unsure about how to find and convince patients to pay you fully out-of-pocket for your services.
  • You’ve started a cash-based or hybrid practice but it’s not going as well as you’d like, and you want to learn marketing systems that fill your clinic with customers happy to pay cash.
  • You're dedicated to taking daily action to implement what you learn in the Mastermind.
  • You would like guidance from someone who has successfully done what you want to do, and the support of colleagues doing the same thing. 

The Investment Required for this Practice-Creating Info, Guidance, and Support

This program is only for people who are truly serious about starting/growing a successful cash-based practice (which should generate you over $100,000 of annual take-home pay). So I would be remiss if I bring up "investment" and don't first mention "time" ... If you are not currently able to dedicate at least 1 hour per day working on your business and implementing what you learn in Mastermind, it's best that you do not join until you can find that time to invest.

Given I'll be sharing everything that has taken me 8 years to acquire and implement in my own successful cash practice, this program could easily be priced at $1000/month. But to make it accessible to as many of my colleagues as possible, the program is just $247 per month.

Take the guesswork out of creating your cash-based practice, and have step-by-step guidance and feedback from the nation's best-known expert on the cash-pay business model, and a highly supportive group of his students walking the same path by your side.

Polite Warning: There is a high demand for this program and spots are limited. At times, enrollment will be closed, and the current enrollment period will close when this level of the Cash-Based Practice Mastermind reaches only 30 members.

*Pay in Full for the Year and Receive 3 Months Free