Have questions that are not addressed in the blog or eBook?

Every private practice scenario is different, so it is impossible to give advice that would fully apply to all readers. If you have specific questions about Cash-Based PT and your current or future practice, please use the Contact page to inquire about consultation rates and availability.

With that said, here are some important things to consider: my Cash-Based Practice Mastermind members get to ask me any questions they have at any time, and the monthly membership costs less than a 45 minutes of my private consultation! We have a private Facebook group and weekly live Q&A calls to answer any question and address any challenge as they arise. If you’re trying to start or transition to a cash practice, trust me, there will be ongoing questions and issues that can really use guidance and feedback from someone who has already gone through them. Not having that resource along the way will likely result in costly mistakes, so whether it’s from me privately, in my Mastermind Group, or from another business coach, make sure you have professional guidance. It will pay for itself many times over!

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