Do you or your receptionist lose prospective patients on the phone when they learn you’re not in-network with their insurance? Then this interview with Austin cash-practice owner Dan Bockman DC is for you! Dan is one of the top-rated chiropractors in Austin, who decided to drop all his insurance contracts and switch to cash-based services due to declining reimbursements and increasing administrative burden (sound familiar?).

The day he went fully out of network, his receptionist had 6 calls from prospective patients, and ALL 6 declined treatment because Dan was now out-of-network. Dan was a part of my Mastermind coaching group and was able to immediately get my advice on what to do … the next day he implemented my suggested changes and his receptionist began converting over 75% of calls into cash-pay customers… at $200 per hour! Click the video below to watch my interview with Dan and get all the details of his story and exactly what they changed for this incredible turnaround.

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How to Get Patients with Great Insurance to Say YES to Cash-Based Services

In this incredibly valuable interview, Dan shares how he successfully transformed his practice to cash-based services and created the lifestyle of his dreams. He explains how new-patient calls are managed; the schedule arrangements that create a “luxurious,” relaxed atmosphere; and how he gets hundreds of stellar online reviews. 

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