It’s not everyday I get to interview someone who has been making the cash-based healthcare model work since the 90s! But in this interview you’ll go on a journey with a true pioneer of cash practice, Dr. Tom Yarema and learn how he was able to do it at a time when almost no one else was (and on the rural island of Kauai!)

Dr Yarema got his start in medicine nearly 40 years ago. His work at the forefront of the newly developing field of emergency medicine gave him an opportunity to learn and create new ways to help trauma patients heal. In time, he began doing medical relief work in foreign countries. 

Through this exposure to medicine in other parts of the world, he became increasingly aware that American doctors who practiced in hospitals were prevented from offering many alternative treatments he knew were effective. His frustration with such restrictions drove him to leave the hospital and join a cancer clinic where he would be free to make the greatest improvements in patients’ lives.

By 1995, he feared reprisals from the increasingly restrictive medical establishment in California, so he moved to Hawaii and started the first cash-based practice in Kauai. Soon after, a personal health crisis led him to get educated about the critical role of diet and lifestyle, and that completely changed the way he practiced medicine. 

In this interview, Tom shares how he built several healthcare businesses over the years—including what’s working in his current, highly successful functional medicine practice. You’ll hear what he’s learned about running a profitable business and where he sees the greatest opportunities to make an impact and build a lucrative practice in medicine today.

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More specifically, we discuss these cash-based healthcare practice topics:

  • How Tom got his start in medicine and why he eventually came to open a holistic practice.
  • Why he believes the traditional American approach to medicine is broken, and how a cash-based, holistic practice is the best available solution to that problem.
  • The critical mistakes he made in his first cash-based healthcare practice that undermined any hope of profitability even as he was healing patients that had not been helped by conventional practitioners.
  • Why he decided to start a school focused on teaching holistic self-care principles, and how that evolved into a popular book and eventually the development of a wildly successful wellness product.
  • How he overcame his early practice struggles by getting professional coaching that helped him learn how to run a business.
  • The coaching program Tom has created to help other physicians escape the dysfunction of the conventional medical system so they can be free to do what is best for their patients.
  • Why telemedicine should be a part of every practice that intends to stay relevant in the post-pandemic world.
  • Which specific services are most in-demand in his current practice.
  • Where Covid is creating new opportunities for physicians who choose to stay informed and connected with forward-thinking colleagues and resources.
  • Why it’s critical to track and analyze your new-patient statistics if you want to succeed in a holistic medicine practice.

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