If you ever struggle with potential patients saying yes to a consultation or initial appointment, but then not showing up for the eval OR only coming in for a few visits when they need a lot more than that, you’re not alone.The simple script-flip that gets uncommitted patients on schedule and keeps them there This is a huge, costly problem that needs to be fixed for your practice’s sake as well as the patients.’ And in this video, you’re gonna learn an easy script-flip that keeps potential patients on the schedule and fully committed to their treatment goals. It’s a sneak peek in my weekly Mastermind group coaching calls that features one of my PT clients in the crossfit niche who was struggling with patients dropping off schedule after a couple visits when they’d decided they were  “good enough” to push through workouts again. You get to hear what to do to actively solve this issue in your own practice by applying a simple strategy BEFORE they’ve become a patient.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to what keeps potential patients on the schedule:

  • What you can say to prospects in any niche, when you feel they’re likely to just come in for a few appointments but drop off before they’re 100% better … so you not only increase customer lifetime value and profits for your practice, but you help more people and in the best possible way.
  • How to position the treatment plan in a way that fosters the patient’s full commitment to actually reaching the goals that drove them to seek treatment in the first place.
  • Why playing a little hard-to-get when discussing treatment actually keeps potential patients on the schedule. You’ll hear the story of when I first met my wife, who was way out of my league, and used the same basic script-flip strategy to get her to go on a date with me.

The simple script that gets uncommitted patients on schedule and keeps them there:

I’ve got a free resource for you called “A simple script-flip that turns Uncommitted Prospects into Fully Committed Patients.” It’s a distilled version of exactly what you need to say to get strong buy-in from Day 1, so you can massively increase the number of patients who complete their full plan of care and remain clients for life. Click below to download the exact high-converting scripts you’ll need to implement this strategy, so you can maximize early buy-in and long-term profits:

Here are some more episodes on how to keep potential patients on the schedule:

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In this podcast, I explain how you can help reduce the likelihood a patient will fall off the schedule before they complete their full treatment plan.

More resources to help you keep your schedule full:

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In this 1-hour Masterclass, you’ll learn the exact word-of-mouth and online-review strategies I share with my Gold Level Mastermind Coaching Members. You’ll learn exactly what to do to ensure you are getting the most new business out of all your current and past customers… and most of it can be automated! Check it out here.

Online Patient Attraction System


A step-by-step guide on how to create webinars and online workshops that generate loads of patients for your private practice … on autopilot! Regardless of whether you’re treating patients online or in the clinic, you’ll learn every detail of how to create a proven-to-convert webinar, so it won’t take a large audience to generate a large amount of new patients and revenue. Check it out here.

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