How to maximize the lifetime value of your average plan of careTired of losing patients who improved just enough that they lost interest and never returned? This costly “profit leak” erodes your lifetime revenue per patient, increases the number of new prospects you must bring in each month to fill the schedule, and puts your practice reputation at risk. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your patients truly invested in their own goals so they will continue with treatment until they complete the full plan of care.

In this episode, I explain five powerful strategies that plug profit leaks throughout the patient lifecycle to increase the value of your average customer plan of care. You’ll hear exactly how to guide patient expectations from the initial phone call onward to help ensure they make it all the way to final discharge and how to easily gather lots of positive buzz for your practice that will bring new patients to your door.

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This “highlight” is taken from Q&A calls with my Mastermind Gold group—a highly interactive, supportive group where people who have tons of questions and concerns about how to start, grow, or transition to a cash-based private practice get the answers, resources, and confidence they need to build the practice of their dreams. We have a group coaching call every week, and we occasionally use excerpts of those calls for this podcast.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to increasing your plan of care value:

  • How you and your staff can guide conversations with patients in a way that keeps them committed to completing their full plan of care.
  • The pre-framing tactic that can help you set expectations so patients are likely to opt for a maintenance plan once their primary goal is reached.
  • How to skillfully use a tagline to increase the revenue generation per patient.
  • Simple ideas for creating regular touchpoints that will reduce dropoffs and cancelations.
  • How to automate your request for online reviews and referrals so you can put the power of word-of-mouth to work for your practice.

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