appointment-cancellations-and-patient-no-showsTired of dealing with holes in your schedule from last-minute cancellations and patient no shows? Since every wasted appointment slot chews away at your profits, ignoring this issue can really add up over time. That’s why I’d like to share some simple steps you can take to reduce appointment cancellations and help make sure your patients show up as expected.

Many practice owners are surprised to learn that minimizing schedule drop offs should begin during the initial phone call and booking. By laying the groundwork from Day 1, you dramatically decrease the odds of losing the patient before they complete their full plan of care.

In this video, you get to listen in on one of my weekly Mastermind group coaching calls, where I explain how to set the proper expectations and make strategic use of a cancellation policy to significantly reduce your losses from unexpected patient no shows.  

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to appointment cancellations and patient no-shows:

  • Why it’s critical to calculate and track your cancellation rate if you want to maximize your practice profits.
  • How to leverage scarcity to reduce last-minute appointment cancellations and help patients understand why you have a cancellation policy.
  • How to set patient expectations regarding their plan of care so they fully commit to reaching all their goals.
  • Tips for making sure patients are fully aware of the cancellation policy before their first attempt to cancel.
  • Tactics to help eliminate payment conflicts when patients miss appointments.
  • How to enforce a cancellation policy in a way that is customer friendly.

Simple ways to reduce appointment cancellations and patient no shows to increase practice revenue


I’ve got a free resource for you: “Cash Practice No Show Reduction Scripts and Cancellation Policy Template,” which includes the word-for-word scripts and cancellation policy that help keep my own cash-based practice schedule full.

Click below to download it now:

No Show Scripts and Cancellation Policy Template - Click to download button

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More resources to help you keep your schedule full:

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How to answer the question, “Do you take my insurance?”

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