Patient Surveys - Squared Do you really understand what makes your practice special to patients? Have you correctly identified which people give you an easy “yes”? Are you actually selling what you think you’re selling? If you find it difficult to attract enough patients to your door or convince them to pull the trigger on a treatment plan, the answer to one or more of those questions might surprise you. And that’s why the video below is going to walk you through an amazingly simple but often-overlooked practice marketing strategy: patient surveys.

This approach has the power to transform your results virtually overnight by allowing you to discover if some of your foundational assumptions about your practice align with reality. You’ll learn an easy way to conduct a little free market research that can tell you exactly who to target and precisely what language to use in order to supercharge your conversions.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to patient surveys:

  • How easy it can be for a practice owner to develop tunnel vision about their own value proposition and target market—and how uncovering that problem can lead to a positive transformation in results.
  • Identifying you have correctly identified your target, so you’ll know if you are putting your marketing messages in front of the right people.
  • How to find out what advertising messages will best speak to a potential patient’s most-powerful motivators for seeking treatment at your practice.
  • Practical steps for using what you’ll learn from your patient surveys to attract more leads and convert them into paying customers.


The Ultimate Hack for Your Practice Marketing: Simple Patient Surveys

I’ve got a free resource for you: “Questions to Ask Your Patients to Supercharge your Marketing and Sales,” which will help you discover exactly what it is that is considered most valuable to the people who are choosing your practice for their care.

Click below to download this resource so you can better understand your target market and the language and marketing messages that will be irresistible to them:

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the resource!


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