This week’s podcast features my conversation with Jorge Massano, one of my Mastermind group members. Jorge has been knocking it out of the park with social media marketing for his cash-based practice in Portugal, with individual Instagram posts sometimes resulting in as many as 5 new patients! Just a few months before the pandemic, Jorge went full time in his cash-based practice and one year later (even with all the Covid shutdowns) he has already hired 3 other clinicians … almost all fueled by his use of social media!

As a result of a personal diagnosis, Jorge decided to pursue a career in physical therapy. After graduation from 9 long years of school, he took a position working for a top Portuguese soccer team. But it required far too many hours to leave quality time with family. Since he’d always wanted to start a business, he chose to invest his only day off each week in a side hustle building a practice of his own. The conventional healthcare system in Portugal made it impossible for him to offer anything but cash-based services, so he immediately set to work learning how to market outside the insurance-based system. 

When the soccer team told him he would have to increase his hours for less money, he knew it was time to quit and focus on his own practice full time. Armed with the marketing knowledge he’d gained and some perspective shifts about what people actually want from social media, he cracked the code on attracting business using Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In this interview, you’ll learn exactly how to create results-generating content for each platform and tactics that ensure all that great content is seen by your target audience.

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More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • How the healthcare system works in Portugal and why it forces people to go out of network if they want top-quality care.
  • The three online marketing tactics that worked to quickly build the practice.
  • How Jorge stayed in touch with clients while the clinic was closed during the pandemic.
  • Which services he was able to continue offering via telehealth during the clinic closure.
  • The Instagram marketing strategy that can sometimes net the clinic 3-5 patients from a single, organic post.
  • The specific types of content people want to see and share on Instagram.
  • Which audiences are currently being reached on Facebook vs. Instagram.
  • How he produces Youtube and Instagram videos that reliably generate business for the clinic.
  • How Jorge obtains permission to share videos/images of patients on social media.
  • Why paid advertising is essential if you want to reach new patients on Facebook.
  • The clever Instagram ad trick that reduces costs while delivering great results.
  • Followup tips for handling leads to answer questions, address objections, and schedule appointments.
  • How to avoid a common growth-limiting mistake new-practice owners tend to make when talking about their practice.
  • Jorge’s exciting plans for opening a new location later this year.

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