Are you tired of having to see (or have staff see) multiple patients per hour just to remain profitable... unable to provide the care you know you could if you just had more time and better reimbursements?


Are you fed up of working through lunch and staying late after work just to stay caught up on paperwork? 

Are you ready to treat patients on YOUR terms, tell insurance companies to get lost, and build your own cash-based practice but are unsure of the best way to get started?  

Or maybe you've already started a cash-pay practice but you need a larger and steadier stream of ideal patients?  

You Are Not Alone!

If you want a step-by-step “action plan” to create your dream practice but want that plan to be specifically customized for you, and would thrive with real-time, ongoing guidance from a successful cash-practice owner as you implement what you learn, then you're an ideal student for...  


 This self-paced e-course will equip you with everything you need to know and do for success in the private-pay practice model, as well as a detailed 1-year implementation plan to start a successful practice or massively improve your existing practice. Watch the video here or read below for a detailed walkthrough of the course and what you'll learn.


Let me start with my story because the beginning may be quite similar to yours, and it sets the stage for exactly what this workshop will do for you and how. 

I graduated from PT school in 2005 and went about the usual path of working in various insurance-based practices, seeing a ton of patients and buried under a never-ending pile of paperwork. 

As I progressed through my career and heard the stories from my PT classmates and other colleagues, I realized that my frustrating situation was actually not nearly as bad as the average outpatient staff PT out there! Most PTs were having to see even more patients per hour, sometimes only doing evaluations and then handing patients off to techs, never getting to touch patients and use their hands-on skills.  

At the same time, in staff meetings and in conversations with practice owners, there was a very consistent message: “These damn insurance companies keep paying us less and less even though our costs of doing business keep getting higher and higher!”  

It seemed like we were all in a lose-lose situation…  

Staff PTs were being burned out, and practice owners were getting squeezed by falling reimbursements and increasing costs.

Sound familiar??

I then had the good fortune of getting a job in a cash-based practice where we spent a full hour one-on-one with every patient!  

We decided our hourly rate, moved at a relaxed pace, had minimal paperwork, and made clinical decisions based purely on what was best for the patient. 

It was life-changing!

I knew I wanted to start my own practice, treat patients on my own terms, and not have to deal with the headaches and stress that come with fighting to get paid by insurance companies … AND watching those payments get smaller and smaller over time.  

I knew that to create my ideal practice and lifestyle, I’d have to create an out-of-network practice. But guess what … there was no information out there on how to create that type of practice.

My previous employer was an amazing clinician but knew very little about business and survived solely on word of mouth, so my experience there wasn’t much help on the business side of things.

Luckily, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive and I’d actively been studying business and marketing in my free time for the past few years. So I did what every successful entrepreneur I know would do … I just got started.  

I took a leap of faith, hustled harder than I’d ever hustled before, studied business books and blogs between my patients and marketing efforts, and in about 6 months I started to have fully-booked days of cash-pay patients!  


THANK YOU, so much for helping me achieve my dream! When new people come into my clinic I sometimes say, “Welcome to my little corner of Heaven.” I’m no longer burdened by mounds of paperwork, I leave work feeling energized, and it’s getting to the point now where that scary jump of a loss of steady paycheck is not a problem at all."  

- Carla Colella, DPT, OCS & owner of Oconomowoc Physical Therapy

Carla Colella Freedom eCourse Testimonial

I continued to study the marketing greats and learn from my successes and failures.

And as I crossed paths with my colleagues both online and offline, I started to get the same question from a lot of people: “How in the world did you do that?!” 

That spawned my blog, and later my podcast, at Over the years, I’ve written two books on the cash-based practice model and have helped hundreds of other healthcare practitioners start or transition to their own cash practice. 

And though there is a ton of actionable information in my blog, podcast, and two books, I often get questions like:

"Can you help guide me step-by-step through this process?”  

“I need a detailed plan of what to do to make MY specific cash practice successful … my situation is different from yours and your podcast guests, and I feel I need personalized guidance.”  

“I just took a PT marketing course and learned a ton but I’m not really clear on what to implement and in what order. It didn’t all seem applicable to my practice.”  

Hearing statements like these through the years has led me to create this e-course that not only provides vital information, but also provides a customized Action Plan to implement the information and strategies so that every student gets RESULTS.

In this course, you will cover eight in-depth modules on building a successful cash-pay practice AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: we will create a detailed and customized 12-month action plan specifically for you and your practice. 

That’s really the point of this course… there are many online and live courses out there that provide a ton of great information but then you’re often left wondering:  

What parts are actually applicable to my specific practice and are inline with my strengths? 

 Of those applicable parts, what are the most important for me to focus on?

 And what should I focus on first? In fact, in what order should I implement all this stuff?!

Time and again I’ve seen people come out of courses and conferences inspired but overwhelmed. They learned a lot but didn’t come out with a detailed plan of how to put that knowledge into action.  

“Lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” – Tony Robbins  

At the end of this e-course, you’ll not only have the key concepts and strategies for cash practice success, you’ll have a detailed road map to get there.  

We will look at the primary strategies and tactics that I and many others have used for success in this business model, and then decide which you should incorporate into your practice and exactly how and when you will execute each one.  

With 5+ hours of video lessons, this course covers a lot of content...


You can perfectly execute every marketing strategy taught in this course but still struggle to find success if your mindset and certain beliefs are working against you. Similarly, understanding the mindset of your ideal (and not-ideal) prospective patients is hugely important when running a cash-pay practice. This is why the module on Mindset is at the very beginning of this course. Don’t skip ahead! Making sure you have these essential foundational pieces in place will make everything else more impactful and easier to implement.  

By the end of this module, you will have an understanding of “the patient lifecycle” and how to walk someone step-by-step from first contact with your brand to raving fan and customer for life. There are multiple steps where most healthcare businesses are losing a ton of money, but not you! Each one of these steps offers massive opportunity, and one of the most fun things about running a private practice is figuring out how to tweak and improve each step to better serve your clients and make more profit.  

When teaching this course live, this question always seems to come up during the module on the patient lifecycle, so I decided to insert this module here. 

Having a great response and confidence as you answer the “Do you take my insurance?” question is definitely a foundational requirement for a successful cash-based practice. This module will train you how to confidently respond to this question and massively increase your conversions from phone call to paying customer.

The lessons in this module walk you through all the required logistics, resources, and building blocks of a cash-pay practice.  

Everything from insurance needs and phone systems, to lead generation softwares and EMR suggestions. This is a big module with a ton of important information and must-have resources for your practice.  

If you want to create the private practice of your dreams, the information and action items in this module are absolute musts. In this module, you will learn and create the informational foundations of your marketing: identification of your ideal patient, and the creation of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 

To make all your future business decisions as easy as possible, and build a team that will support your vision of what your practice should be, you will also learn to create your Mission Statement and Core Values.

When it comes to the variety of ways to market a private practice, maximizing your Word of Mouth referrals is truly the lowest hanging fruit, yet incredibly impactful … the strategies you’ll learn in this module are powerful yet simple, and can be implemented immediately at zero cost to you. 

There’s no excuse for not optimizing your Word of Mouth marketing and doing it right from the beginning of your practice.  

In-Person/Offline Marketing … though online marketing is all the rage, there is (in my opinion) no substitute for face-to-face relationship building. And this can happen in many formats, whether one-on-one, at larger gatherings, or hosting presentations and workshops. If I had to attribute most of my fast success in cash practice to one form of marketing, this would be it. 

This module will cover multiple ways to generate in-person marketing opportunities and how to get the absolute most impact from these efforts for your practice.  

The 3rd form of marketing we use to fill our practice with cash-pay patients is “Online Marketing” … and there are a massive amount of online strategies and tactics proven to do exactly that. Grab a snack and buckle your seat belt because this is a big module with an incredible amount of patient-attracting strategies to push your practice forward.  

You can view the course objectives HERE


“I had no hesitation to enrolling in Jared Carter’s E-course as I had been following him for several months on his podcast. The course provides a ton of material and guidance on building a cash based practice that one would otherwise have to figure out through trial and error. As I am continuing to build my own practice, the course provides me with material that I can go back to review and apply as I need it. This course can allow new cash based practitioners to have the confidence to start, build, and grow with a step-by-step process.  

Thank you for your E-course. It is helping me to pull out of the hospital-based practice muck that has been my career till this point and has given me a new perspective and energy in being a physical therapist."  

- Travis Summerville, PT, MPT  

"I was really excited when I first saw that Jarod had put a course together after listening to his podcast. The only hesitation I had at first was that I had just purchased another course and didn't want to invest in overlapping material. However, after beginning the course I was pleasantly surprised that only a small amount of the info would overlap and enrolling in Jarod's course was well worth it. Jarod presents the material so it is digestible. The course is broken down into modules and lessons that are brief enough to prevent information overload but also provide in-depth information about each topic. After going through the course I feel like I have a plan that I can act upon to achieve my goals FASTER. If you want all the information in one place to get your practice started and have a shortcut to success then the Cash-Based Freedom course is the way to go! "  

-Tom Tardif, DPT, PRC, CSCS, CIDN  

Together, we will create a 1-year plan of action that is specific to you, your practice, your situation, your niche, your location, your strengths and your weaknesses, etc.  

Sound good?  

Great! If you currently have a cash practice or can commit to starting one (or transitioning out of network) in the next 12-18 months, you can enroll below. 


This e-course is only for physical therapists and healthcare business owners who are serious about investing significant effort over the 12 months following the course, so I would be remiss if I didn't mention that here along with details of the financial investment.

Given that I'm revealing everything that has taken me 7 years, tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours to acquire and implement in my successful cash-based practice - this e-course could easily be priced at $10,000 or $15,000.  

But to make it accessible to the right people, including those wanting to launch a successful practice from scratch, the e-course is as little as $997 (depending on the payment plan you choose).  

ENROLL NOW - 1 payment of $997

This self-paced e-course and the personalized guidance you’ll get from me will give you everything you need to create and grow the practice of your dreams ...guaranteed. And I say “guaranteed” because if you don’t feel that this course is worth every penny, I’ll give you your money back.  


3 Month Membership in The Cash-Based Practice Mastermind

  • Weekly, in-depth Live Q&A and Group Coaching calls with Jarod and occasional guest experts. You’ll get all your questions answered and receive direct feedback and support from Jarod, so you can make decisions with the confidence that they have been run by an expert in the cash-based practice model! Note: Most members get as much or more from hearing the challenges and questions that other members in the group bring to the calls. (Also note: all calls are recorded and you will receive the replays to re-watch, or catch what you missed if you can’t make every call.)
  • Access to a highly interactive and supportive community of current and future cash-practice owners via our exclusive Private Facebook group. Post your questions any time to get a direct answer from Jarod and other Mastermind members 
  • Feedback and critiques on your website, blog posts, videos, social media posts, advertisements, etc. Post your marketing pieces in the Facebook community so Jarod and others can critique them to ensure higher response and maximal return on investment of your time and money
  • Training and ongoing tasks/tools to generate the type of mindset most commonly found in the world's greatest entrepreneurs.
  • Access to the resources, software, documents, and other tools used by successful cash-based practices 
  • Hiring systems that save you time and, most importantly, help you avoid bad hires 
  • Huge savings on Jarod’s other courses, workshops, and books for the life of your membership 
  • Access to a training vault of all past Q&A-coaching calls

E-textbook "Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy"

You could be LOSING $10,000's by NOT Knowing how to legally implement Cash-Pay Medicare programs in your practice ... Not to mention RISKING $10,000's if you get caught doing it wrong.

Are you tired of having your documentation scrutinized and having to deal with the confusing and frustrating maze of Medicare regulations?

The vital things you will learn in just the FIRST HALF of this eTextbook:

  • The 3 possible relationships a physical therapist can have with Medicare, which affects every decision you make surrounding this topic 
  • The "Mandatory Claims Submission" law and how it affects your ability to provide cash-pay services to Medicare beneficiaries  
  • The ONE exception the Mandatory Claims Submission law and how this exception can significantly change your ability to take self-payment from a beneficiary  
  • How your specific relationship with Medicare dictates when/if you are able to provide covered services on a self-pay basis 
  • 3 reasons why services are not covered by Medicare, and the scenarios in which covered services may become non-covered 
  • Therapy Cap, Maintenance Care, ABNs, & Cash-Pay Opportunities 
  • Pricing Legalities and Guidance on Discussing this Topic with Patients
ENROLL NOW - 3 payments of $397


. . . you refuse to stay in the unsustainable insurance model of lower and lower reimbursements while the cost of doing business increases every year.  

. . . you want the freedom and joy that goes along with designing exactly how you spend your days and having more time with family and friends  

. . . you want to attract your favorite types of patients, and work with patients who are motivated and invested in their health and wellbeing


"I've been following Jarod Carter's podcast and materials for a couple years now. Once I knew I was ready to take the plunge and start my practice, I had no issues purchasing the course and mastermind membership. Jarod always demonstrates a high level of quality and trustworthiness in his business and products. Since starting the course, I found direction and guidance on where my focus should be. I've taken things step by step always knowing there's more to do to make things work better for me and that has made the difference in not getting overwhelmed or discouraged if things don't work as smoothly or quickly as I'd like.  

The course is sleek and well thought out. The modules are informative and practical with proper actionable items with each topic. I refer to the year plan I made every day, making sure I'm really focusing on what is the most important thing now rather than what seems important to me at the moment. For anyone considering whether the investment is worth it, I say it's a no brainer. If you've liked any of Jarods materials and podcasts, the course is no different. It offers an organized and direct way to get clarity on how to get out of the rat race and into your own business."  

- David Miller, PT, DPT

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take control of your career and build the private pratice of your dreams? 

Good. Starting that process is just a few clicks away...

This self-paced e-course and the personalized guidance you’ll get from me will give you everything you need to create and grow the practice of your dreams ...guaranteed. And I say “guaranteed” because if you don’t feel that this course is worth every penny, I’ll give you your money back.