CBP 94-Hiring for a Growing Practice-Carlos BerioDr. Carlos Berio shares his strategies for growing his cash-based physical therapy practice—SPARK Physiotherapy in Alexandria, Virginia—to include multiple therapists. He candidly discusses the practical considerations of hiring in detail, including the approaches to compensation and incentives he’s found to be the most effective.

This “highlight” is excerpted from a full interview I did with Dr. Berio a few years ago. Since our original conversation, Dr. Berio has done an impressive job building and promoting the physiotherapy treatment options, fitness coaching, and personal training offered by the team at SPARK. He also makes efforts to share his expertise with the public at large in seminars and as an occasional contributor to US News & World Report magazine

More specifically, we discuss these topics related to hiring for a cash-based practice:

  • How keeping the space and equipment in his practice to a minimum allowed him to focus on adding therapists.
  • Why he found that hiring contractors didn’t work as well as adding regular employees in helping to grow the practice.
  • How he uses incentives to motivate his employees so they’ll want to bring in more business.

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