Ever wonder how badly the pandemic and 2020 really was for the average PT private practice? Or what practice owners and practitioners did to get through it, and how they’re doing now? Well, Heidi Jennenga, founder of WebPT, recently released the 5th annual State of Rehab Therapy report with over 7000 respondents to tell us exactly that and so much more…  

In their report and this podcast episode, you’ll not only learn the above, you’ll also learn about a profound shift in business models and the accelerated push to add cash-based services in over half of PT practices out there.

But first, Heidi’s backstory as a PT-turned-entrepreneur and CEO of a major company was something I couldn’t pass up asking about…

During college, Heidi Jannenga suffered a serious knee injury that made it impossible for her to continue participating in sports. She was referred for physical therapy, and as a result, was able to heal and return to her former athletic performance level. She found the prospect of being able to help other athletes in the same way fascinating, so she changed her major from pre-med to PT. 

Eventually, Heidi became Clinic Director for a top-tier sports medicine clinic. She noticed the clinic was wasting a huge amount of time on dictation documentation, so she tried to find a solution that could make this task simpler—but none existed. Recognizing the enormous value such a tool would have for the practice, she partnered with a software engineer, and together, they created one. Once it became apparent there was a genuine market demand for their new software, they formally launched WebPT in 2008. 

In this interview, Heidi explains how she’s grown WebPT into the most-popular EMR in the field of physical therapy… and of course also walks us through some of the findings from this year’s “State of Rehab Therapy” report, which investigated what’s been going on in the field throughout the past year and what tactics enabled practices to flourish despite the extremely difficult conditions created by the pandemic.

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More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • The common foundation that is absolutely critical to finding a market for any new product or service.
  • The three distinct personality types you need in order to create a successful, scalable business.
  • Why outside funding may not be necessary to launch a startup.
  • How clinics fared during the pandemic shutdowns of 2020, and what lasting changes continue in 2021.
  • What is behind the current labor shortage among therapists and why it may signal a longterm shift in the industry.
  • Why adding cash-pay services is now playing a vital role in the survival plans of the majority of insurance-based practices.
  • How telehealth visits have evolved to become a better fit in a normal, non-pandemic plan of care.
  • Which types of adjunct services have been most successful in bringing new revenue into struggling practices.
  • The surprising partnership idea that can help you broaden your market, better serve the community, and reduce no-shows.
  • The most-important action cash-pay clinics can take to tangibly demonstrate rehab’s real value. 
  • How you can use the data collected by WebPT to analyze and quantify your outcomes, which can be leveraged for marketing purposes and to improve reimbursements.
  • The new philanthropic endeavor Heidi has launched to increase diversity within the PT industry.

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