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Karen is a cash-based practice owner who sees all her patients in their homes or offices. She gives an incredible amount of practical and actionable advice for those interested in this model, and much of the advice is applicable to and useful for any type of practice. I was ultra impressed with her answers to my questions, and I’m pumped to present you with this info-packed episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why she felt that a home-visit cash practice was a viable option when she was getting started.
  • How she got past the anxiety of quitting her part-time job to go full-time in her practice.
  • How she decided on her cash pay rate.
  • Her advice for transparency when you have a “side practice” while still working for another practice.
  • How she goes about generating physician referrals for her cash-based practice.
  • Her opinion on the viability of the home-visit model in small cities and towns.
  • What EMR she uses and why she likes it so much.
  • The logistics of a home visit practice and how they differ from brick-and-mortar practices.
  • How she mitigates safety risks given she is seeing patients in their homes.
  • Great parting advice you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in this niche business model.

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