Are You Tired of Dealing with Insurance and Medicare Regulations and Denials,
Getting Terrible Reimbursement Rates,
Being Buried in Paperwork,
or Having to Rush from One Patient to the Next and Schedule Multiple Patients at a Time?


I too was tired of the above frustrating “realities” of being a Physical Therapist so I decided to change my situation ... and you can too.

I started a Cash-Based Practice, had a full schedule of patients in less than a year, and have never been happier to be a Physical Therapist or Practice Owner.

Since many other practitioners would like to do the same, or at least add some self-pay services to their practice, I’ve written an eBook explaining exactly how you can do so…

The Must-Know Cash Practice Concepts
You Will Learn In This eBook:

Absolute Essentials Of The Cash-Model

  • How your patient population and target market change when you add/convert to self-pay services.
  • How to effectively target this new market in a variety of ways, and spend little-to-no money doing so.
  • How your primary referral sources will differ from Insurance-based clinics, and which non-physician referral sources you should target and develop.
  • Step-by-step examples of how to find and develop these new private-pay referral sources.
  • How to skillfully increase your word of mouth referrals and make each new patient multiply into more.
  • Specifics on the state of Medicare and Social Security and how it will likely affect reimbursements for health care practitioners in the future.

Practice Logistics & Avoiding Mistakes

  • Logistics and processes of a successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy practice, and how I started my practice without borrowing a single penny.
  • The mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid risking your practice by repeating them yourself.
  • How to choose the best location for your financial situation (if you don’t already have a clinic).
  • Financing options for your patients and important tips on Health Savings/Flexible Spending Accounts that can entice more patients to try your cash-based clinic.

Fill The Schedule With Cash-Pay Patients

  • How to price your services appropriately, and the way you must speak about your rates if you want to be successful.
  • How to address the “Why don’t you take insurance?” question and convince prospective patients to use your services anyways.
  • The necessary components of receipts for your self-pay patients so they can successfully send in self-claims to their insurance company.
  • The ways in which your documentation can be changed and decreased in a private-pay clinic.
    Multiple ways to promote the addition of new therapists so they can fill their schedules as quickly as possible.
  • The absolutely vital things you must teach your office staff/receptionist.
  • How to tactfully and ethically attract positive online reviews and testimonials.
  • Must-know information to capitalize on networking events and face-to-face relationship/referral building.

Online Marketing Made Easy

  • How to avoid the expensive web designer trap, and not only create your own website, but get to the top of the search engine rankings with very little cost.
  • How to create and use a Facebook business profile in a way that actually increases your business.
  • The smart way to choose a Facebook Custom URL, and how to capitalize on the direction Facebook is heading as a company and global influencer.
  • How to have newly posted information about any topic on the internet (including any mentions of your clinic or your competitors) delivered right to your email inbox.
  • The best websites to quickly find relevant information to share with your followers and patients.
  • How to use email newsletters to generate more patient visits and keep contact unsubscribing to a minimum.

"I bought Jarod's E-book 3 yrs after I started my cash-based business and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made as a business owner. I wished I'd learned of it sooner as it would've made things a lot
smoother and easier!

Even though I was already profitable when I bought the book, I still learned several "pearls" from him especially regarding social media and networking.

Since implementing some of his ideas, I'm now booked out several weeks in advance with a waiting list. I'm now in the position of hiring another PT to help me with overflow patients and grow my practice.

I would also like to give him praise and recognition for his awesome podcasts that continue to help and inspire me. I've gotten some great ideas from him which has paid dividends. Cash-based practice isn't easy but Jarod's book definitely makes it easier! Thanks Jarod Carter!"

Victoria Liu, PT
San Ramon, California

"'My Cash Based Practice' by Dr. Jarod Carter has been instrumental in the development of my own cash-based practice.

Dr. Carter personally shares valuable and current resources and ideas on marketing, networking and planning. He also includes helpful tips to avoid pitfalls, and he motivates those who are considering or have already begun a cash-based practice.

Although the book is based on the creation of a Physical Therapy practice, I have shared pages with my fiancé who could relate and apply strategies to her field of occupation.

I have currently read it twice and continue to refer to it on a regular basis.

John Tyschyk, PT, DPT, CSCS
Naples, Florida

It's Time to Create the Practice of Your Dreams and Stop Relying on 3rd Party Payors for Your Livelihood!

Get this step-by-step
Cash Practice Guide for the low price of $97
(a $200 DISCOUNT!)

... And save $1000’s in lost revenue and wasted time that comes from NOT knowing how to effectively create and market a Cash-Based Practice.
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There Are Also Additional Resources And Bonus Materials That Can Help Make/Save You Thousands Of Dollars!

  • Learn about a service that provides a great logo for hundreds/thousands less than most companies spend for branding (and you get to choose from the designs of multiple graphic designers).
  • Learn how to avoid the set up cost and monthly fees of bank-provided credit card machines.
  • Get tips on how to find the best price for Website Hosting … even lower prices than if you go directly to the Web Host’s website.
  • Learn about an accident insurance policy that your patients will love and that will increase your patient retention, while you still get paid 100% up front at the time of service.
  • If you’d rather not create your own website (as described in the book), find out how to find a phenomenal web designer at an incredible price.

"I highly recommend Dr. Carter’s eBook My Cash Based Practice regardless of whether you are opening a cash-based or insurance-based physical therapy practice.

This eBook provides you with everything essential to opening a successful practice, from initial start-up to marketing strategies for increasing new patients.

So much great and valuable information at such a great price; you will not find a better offer. I am thankful for Dr. Carter for sharing this information, and it greatly assisted me in opening my own cash-based physical therapy practice."

Ron Miller PT, DPT, OCS
Orlando, Florida

"First off want to say thank you! I purchased your ebook over a year ago. I was 6 months into practicing as a Civilian PT after 7 years in the Army. I went through 2 jobs in that 6 months and hated the insurance driven practice model.

I was just about to make a complete career change and head back to school when I found your website and read your book.

Now a little over a year later I have a successful cash-based practice and also own and operate a membership based website that provides resources for athletes related to injury management and prevention."

Nichole Bluemle PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CSCS
Durango, Colorado

Do you have the right mindset and guidance to succeed in the cash-based practice model?

The mindset you must adopt to ensure success in building a Cash practice.

The common mental traps and preconceived notions that will damage your ability to attract self-pay patients and grow your practice.

The ways you must set yourself apart from your competition, both Insurance-based and Cash-based, in order to thrive in the Cash practice model.

How to skillfully increase your word of mouth referrals.

A step-by-step guide to Networking more effectively than you probably ever have.

A number of free-but-effective forms of marketing to fill your schedule without emptying your bank account.

How to get started … whether you are looking to start a new Cash-based PT practice, wanting to fully covert your current practice to Cash-pay, or simply add some Self-pay services.

You are not alone!
Physical therapists and practice owners just like you have found the answers they are looking for within this eBook.

“If you are thinking of starting a new practice (cash pay or insurance based), Dr. Carter’s book is a very worthwhile investment.

Even if you plan to participate in the insurance networks, you will still get plenty of excellent ideas on marketing and reaching out directly to healthcare consumers.

If you are pursuing a cash based practice, then this book is a must read. I wish I had this resource when I started my practice in 2005. Buy the book!"

Cody Barnett, PT
Witchita, Kansas

"I purchased 'My Cash Based Practice' eBook last summer with the hopes of a few tidbits to help expand my knowledge of cash-based PT. It provided so much more than that!

It helped me learn what I enjoyed and was good at in PT practice, and clearly what I needed to improve on to help my business grow. I feel we, as PTs, have limited access to business advice but this book and the resources it connects you to, definitely help as a business owner and clinically as a PT.

Thank you Jarod for doing more for the profession than just treating patients!”

Rebecca Pulver, PT, ATC
Davidson, North Carolina

Get this step-by-step
Cash Practice Guide for the low price of $97
(a $200 DISCOUNT!)

... And save $1000’s in lost revenue and wasted time that comes from NOT knowing how to effectively create and market a Cash-Based Practice.
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What's Your Plan for the Future?

In the coming years, we will be faced both individually and as a profession with significant challenges. Progressively declining reimbursements will cause damage that many PT clinics are unable to survive.

Large Hospital and Corporate-owned practices may have the bargaining power to stay afloat when things get bad, but many smaller practices will likely be pushed out or forced to sell. I imagine that those willing to read this book and take action with this information will fare much better on average.

When these challenges and changes are occurring, will you be dependent on reimbursement rates and heavily affected by political decisions?

Will you be hurt by overhead-increasing and income-decreasing Medicare rule changes?

Will you have the freedom to treat patients in the way you know is most beneficial?

Don't Wait Till You're Burned Out Before Starting The Practice Of Your Dreams.

Don't Wait Till The Insurance Companies Have Your Back Against A Wall Before Making a Change.

Get this step-by-step
Cash Practice Guide for the low price of $97
(a $200 DISCOUNT!)

... And save $1000’s in lost revenue and wasted time that comes from NOT knowing how to effectively create and market a Cash-Based Practice.
in touch with us today.


If you don't feel like this eBook is worth every penny you spent, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

About the Author

Jarod Carter

Jarod Carter PT, DPT, MTC

In 2005, Jarod earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. Since then he has continuously sought out skilled mentors and learning opportunities in manual therapy and business alike. He worked in both insurance-based and private-pay practices before opening Carter Physiotherapy in Spring 2010, a cash-based clinic that provides an hour of one-on-one care in every treatment session. Via creative marketing and his reputation for producing fast results, his patient schedule was full within 6 months of opening his private-pay practice.

He has been blogging, podcasting, and speaking on all aspects of the out-of-network practice model since 2011. In the fall of 2011, he released his 1st book My Cash-Based Practice and in the Fall of 2015 he released his 2nd book 
Medicare & Cash Pay Physical Therapy.

Jarod enjoys surfing, swimming, travel, and time with family. He married the girl of his dreams in April of 2015, and they welcomed twins into their family in early 2018.

Any further questions? Contact me