CBP 102-How To Bulletproof Your Cash-Based Practice-2019 Year In ReviewSo here we are in 2020! This past year has been both incredible and incredibly challenging, and I wanted to share my biggest cash-based practice lessons learned and must-have strategies to bulletproof your private practice. Life can throw you curve balls, and if your business doesn’t have the components and foundations I describe in this episode, those curve balls can put you out of business.

You’ll hear what’s been going on in my life and how it might have resulted in the collapse of both of my businesses. Fortunately, the amazing teams I’ve recruited and built kept things going despite all the chaos, and business is better than ever! 

In this week’s podcast, I’ll go over my key mindset, business, and logistics lessons and how you can apply them as you work toward your dream practice and lifestyle.


More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • The incredible challenges in my personal life over the past couple years and how I was able to make sure it didn’t adversely affect my businesses, even though I had to cut the time I dedicated to work by over 50%.
  • How to develop specific habits that will keep you in a mindset that will help you achieve your goals and find more happiness along the way.
  • How to keep your entire business from being dependent on you, and how you can develop the resources that will allow you to take things off your plate and help bulletproof your private practice.
  • How creative options for expanding your practice without taking on additional space can make a huge difference in your bottom line. 
  • The specifics on staffing and compensation for my practice that help me keep things lean, stable, and growing.
  • Why a virtual assistant can actually be better for handling phone conversations compared to having a receptionist answer calls in your office. 
  • The automated system I used to efficiently find the fantastic team that kept my businesses afloat when my children’s medical issues unexpectedly engulfed nearly all my time.
  • Tips for easily creating great training documentation and SOPs that will make onboarding new staff simple and help make sure knowledge and processes aren’t lost when experienced employees leave your practice.
  • Ideas for automating processes and optimizing the use of your existing assets in order to make your practice much more efficient. 
  • How mentors enable you to create your dream practice much faster than simply figuring everything out on your own.
  • The current status on the announced Medicare cuts that are on the way for 2021 and how you can start preparing now to reduce your reliance on Medicare and make sure your practice will thrive in the future. 
  • What’s on the horizon and some of the new resources you can expect from me in 2020.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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