Episode 29 - 4 Ready-to-use emails for fall promotions - SquaredEvery private practice owner knows the summer lull all too well… patients are vacationing, and appointments seem to dwindle. But what if I told you there’s a proven healthcare practice strategy to bounce back from summer slowdowns?

In the video below, I unveil a powerful four-email strategy tailored for the fall, back-to-school season. This strategy is designed to not only reactivate those patients who took a break during the summer but also to interest them in services they might benefit from now that their schedules are getting back to normal. 

And the best part? When you scroll down past the video, you’ll see I’m also handing you my exact emails to kickstart your campaign. But remember, this isn’t just about sending emails; it’s about reigniting the spark and ensuring your patients receive the care they deserve.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to how to bounce-back from summer slowdowns:

  • My proven email strategy to attract and reactivate cash-pay patients, ensuring you maximize your outreach.
  • Ways you can capitalize on the season to bring back patients who might have taken a break during summer.
  • How to create a sense of urgency and prompt patients to act swiftly, enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach.
  • A golden opportunity to remind patients of the essential services they might have missed out on during busy periods.


Bounce Back from Summer Slowdowns with these 4 Emails: A Strategy Every Healthcare Practice Needs


I’ve got a free resource for you: “Bounce Back From Summer Slowdowns: 4 Ready-to-Use Emails for Fall Promotions,” which can help you reactivate patients when they are ready to bring their health and wellness back to the front burner.

Why reinvent the wheel? 

Click below to download this resource to get your hands on the four exact emails that have worked in my practice, saving you time and effort. 

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the emails!



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