Are you seeing a slowdown in business as many of your patients are taking a summer vacation? If you see a slowdown in the summer or at any part of the year, you need to watch this video and act now to minimize that loss of patients and revenue. The video below uses the example of a common holiday season slowdown but the tactics are applicable and powerful to avoid any type of seasonal slowdown at any point in the year.

And if you’re interested in keeping the phone ringing all year round, and having staff that knows how to convert callers into cash-pay customers, then the free Live training I’m hosting this Wednesday, July 20th at 2pm Eastern is an absolute must-attend event for you: click here to claim your spot in the free online training that teaches you how my “Cash-Pay Profit Formula“ fills your appointment schedule with cash-pay patients.


Click the image below to secure your spot in the Free Live training I’m hosting this Wednesday July 20th at 2pm EST:

How to fill your appointment schedule with cash-pay patients

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