Are you about to make a critical mistake now that you found an amazing clinician who is interested in a job? In our zeal to nab a talented candidate, we often tend to overlook the longer-term motivations behind their current career ambitions… and I can tell you from personal experience, learning your star employee is going out on their own to compete with you is an expensive, painful lesson you won’t soon forget. So how can you avoid hiring a future cash-based competitor?

In this episode, I share the wisdom I’ve gained from my own experience as well as that of many of my coaching clients on how to find out if that fantastic candidate really sees your job as a stepping stone to a practice of their own. You’ll discover what to watch for and how to discuss the topic to learn if they have entrepreneurial ambitions or would be perfectly happy to be a loyal member of your team for the long term.

This “highlight” is from a Q&A call with my Mastermind Gold group—a highly interactive, supportive group where people who have tons of questions and concerns about how to start, grow, or transition to a cash-based private practice get the answers, resources, and confidence they need to build the practice of their dreams. We have a group coaching call every week, and we occasionally use excerpts of those calls for this podcast.

More specifically, we discuss these topics related to how to avoid hiring a future cash-based competitor:

  • How to drill down to the core reasons behind a candidate’s interest in the job you are offering, so you can learn if there’s a potential competitor under the hood.
  • Questions you need to ask yourself in order to identify where to set the boundaries of which services you’ll incorporate into your practice.
  • How to probe a candidate’s higher-order motivators without making it obvious you are trying to avoid hiring someone who wants to own a practice.
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on a non-compete to protect you from losing patients to a former employee.

I’ve also got a free resource for you: “The Ultimate New Employee Onboarding Resource Guide,” which will help you create a custom onboarding process that will help ensure all your new hires are set up for the highest levels of success in your practice.

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In this 1-hour Masterclass, you’ll learn exactly how to grow your practice with ease via headache-free employees and skillful management. You’ll discover how to attract and interview stellar employees, onboard them in a way that they are immediately adding value to your business, and understand the secrets to superstar management and mentorship. Check it out here.


Building the right team is absolutely make or break for a sustainable cash-based practice, which is why I created this powerful course: A step-by-step guide on how to use free Gmail filters and Google Forms to AUTOMATICALLY weed out bad candidates, only show you the resumés of A-players, and complete half of the interview process without taking a minute of your precious time. Check it out here.

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