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How to Attract Top Talent, Manage Like a CEO, and Rapidly Fill New Clinicians' Schedules with Cash-Pay Patients

If you’re a therapist, physician, chiropractor or healthcare practitioner who wants to build a team of stellar staff so you can make more money and remove yourself form any components of the business that you don't want to deal with ...

Then pay close attention to the special offer on this page because I can pretty much guarantee it will help you attract and hire the best candidates, pack their calendar with cash-pay patients, and lead them to produce huge results for your private practice... all without the usual headaches most business owners experience regarding their employees.

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That’s a bold promise I know, but I’ll share real-world proof in just a moment.

But first… In case we’re meeting for the first time, my name’s Jarod Carter. I’m the 10+ year owner of a thriving Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice in Austin TX that has paid me more each and every year while requiring just 2-5 hours of my time per week.

I’m the author of the books “My Cash-Based Practice” and “Medicare & Cash-Pay Physical Therapy,” and host of “The Cash-Based Practice Podcast,” which I'm humbled to say has received over half a million downloads.

But most importantly, I’m a proud coach who has helped 100s of individual healthcare providers like you get out from under the thumb of greedy insurance companies and grow thriving Cash-Based Practices of their own, where they can control their time, their income & provide a level of care they’re proud of.

Now, I’m particularly excited you’re here on this page because whether you already run a Cash-Based Practice or you’re simply tired of the broken healthcare model and would like to transition Out of Network … I can say without a doubt this upcoming Masterclass answers some of the most vital questions of my growth-minded coaching clients …

"Jarod, how can I grow a cash-based practice without the usual headaches that go along with employees?

And as I add them to my practice, how can I fill their schedule with private-pay patients when most patients want to see me?

There's a good reason that if you ask 10 business owners across multiple industries what their biggest ongoing headache is, 8 of the answers will have something to do with employees...

And here's the reason: They're doing it wrong!

Everything from the timing and strategies they use to find candidates, to the questions they ask in the interview, to the onboarding process and ongoing management and empowerment of their employees.

The majority of business owners are doing most of the above flat-out wrong, especially those who have not employed dozens of employees over many years.

It's not their fault ... most business owners didn't go to business school or learn this stuff elsewhere, and especially not clinician's-turned-practice-owners!

But when you know how to attract and interview stellar employees, onboard them in a way that they are immediately adding value to your business, and understand the secrets to superstar management and mentorship, you can replace yourself in your business and let your profit-producing machine work with as much or as little of your effort as you want.

Most business owners are overwhelmed by the all the aspects of finding and hiring new employees, and are fearful of making a costly bad hire, and for good reason ... bad hires tend to cost a business a minimum of 5-figures and often 6-figures of financial loss.

But the truth is that a few simple strategies will drastically increase your chances of making the best hires and adding huge value to your practice, while removing headaches and stress rather than adding them.

Above I promised "real-world proof," so I'd like to quickly pass along a personal story ... in 2018, my twins were diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy right as I had hired a new therapist to replace a therapist on the way out. At the same time, my son had a 3-month stay in the hospital so I was no longer able to see patients in my clinic.

But because of the recruiting, onboarding, and management strategies I'm going to teach you in this Masterclass, I had an incredible team in place who kept the practice thriving (and even moved our clinic location in the midst of all the chaos!). And during the pandemic in 2020, my team was able to shift to partially virtual, bring on a brand new therapist and fill his schedule, and still make more profit in 2020 than in 2019.

Here’s what you get when you enroll in this Masterclass today:

  • 1-hour Masterclass where you'll learn exactly how to grow your practice with ease via headache-free employees and skillful management. ($197 value)
  • Post Masterclass Q&A I answer all the questions that were asked live, so you will understand precisely how to implement these strategies immediately in your practice. (included in the Masterclass recording) ($147 value)
  • BONUS #1: Motivator Index Peek inside an applicant’s brain to see how they are hardwired and what really drives them with our "Motivator Index." It takes an applicant just a few minutes to fill out and it will quickly give you critical information that will save you time, drastically increase the chances of the perfect job-person fit, and insight into how to get the most out of your new employee. ($97 value)
  • BONUS #2: Must-Ask Interview Questions & Proven Interview Strategies This list of proven interview questions and strategies will take the pressure off selecting the perfect candidate by revealing any potential bad fits that have a highly polished resume or charmed their way into an in-person interview. ($97 value)
  • BONUS #3: The Ultimate New Employee Onboarding Resource Guide Help keep your onboarding process organized and on schedule with a new hire checklist, onboarding schedule, creative benefit ideas for happy, productive employees, and more! ($97 value)
  • BONUS #4: Lifetime Recording Access Pay just once, but go back time and time again to extract the most powerful, profit increasing strategies I have to offer. ($147 value)

The total value of everything included is $782

Now, I’m sure we can agree if these strategies get you even a fraction of the results my coaching clients have achieved you could easily make your money back 10 fold in just a few months if you paid $782 today.

But instead you can enjoy lifetime access to everything listed above...

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Now, just to show you how confident I am that you will be blown away by the results you get from the powerful information inside this Masterclass… I’m backing your purchase with a 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

If you attend this Masterclass live OR watch the whole recording, and you don’t feel what you learned will add way more than you invested to your bottom line, simply email Jarod@DrJarodCarter.com and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Still on the fence? Here’s just some of what you'll learn inside when you join today

  • How to know when to hire your next clinician at a time you can reliably fill their schedule and minimize your financial risk as you grow.
  • The highest-producing places to post a job to get as many great applicants as possible ... including a few hidden online employee sources you've likely never heard of. Currently, when much of the workforce has not yet returned to full-time work, finding adequate numbers of applicants can be one of the biggest challenges of all, and it's vital to know where to get their attention.
  • How to use free Gmail filters and Google Forms to AUTOMATICALLY weed out bad candidates, only show you the resumés of A-players, and complete half of the interview process without taking a minute of your precious time.
  • Interview secrets that easily expose charming but bad-fit applicants and quickly inform you about how a candidate is mostly likely to perform in your practice … without seeming tricky or turning away good employees.
  • Creative compensation structures that contractors and employees will love that also offer lower risk and tax benefits to your practice.
  • The 4 best strategies to get new, current, and past patients to give your new clinician a try so you can free up your time and increase the profitability of your new hire.
  • When a virtual assistant will work just as well as an onsite administrator, saving you tons of money... you'll also learn the best places to find a VA and how to vet them with test projects that risk very little of your money while finding you a superstar.
  • How to have new hires do the majority of the work in recording and documenting your Standard Operating Procedures that will ensure you avoid growing pains and create consistency in your business systems and the high-quality service you deliver. If you're worried about not having enough time to properly attract, interview, and train a new hire, this segment will be worth the cost of Masterclass entry alone!
  • The early and ongoing communication strategy that leads to happy, productive teams that are passionate about providing a great healthcare experience and keeping patients on schedule till they've meet 100% of their goals and more.
  • The simple format to efficient, productive team meetings that keep everyone focused on the things that truly matter to your business and customers.
  • Knowing when and how to terminate an employee and minimize the damage that a bad hire can do to your business.

Not To Mention Practice Owners Absolutely Love These Masterclasses...

The Cash-Based Masterclass was a great experience, and I learned a ton! There are so many resources for all the questions I had about starting and growing a business. I love how I had access to the FAQ page, resources, all previous live calls, etc. Best of all was the community you enter when you take the course. I felt supported by others in the live calls and facebook group. The culture of sharing your successes and endeavors makes it all worthwhile.

—Rachel Daof, PT, DPT

This was a great Masterclass! It made me sit down and look at where practice revenues slow and how to increase the revenue in creative ways. I realized revenue, for my pelvic health business, does not slow around the holidays, but ebbs and flows with the school year as many Moms are focused on their kids and less on their functional health goals. Thank you for also reviewing my "seasonal" idea about celebrating "Labor Day" for women one year post partum. Realizing seasonal promotions are not only holidays, but seasons related to our clients life and lifestyles was the best take away from this masterclass. Looking forward to more takeaways from more Masterclasses! Thanks!

—Amanda Heritage, PT, DPT, PRPC

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your email "story-telling" Masterclass was! I learned so much about how to craft and create an awesome email! I definitely think my clients will want to read these emails more than the boring ones I've been sending lol! I was so grateful that I said "yes" and signed up! And I keep replaying it so i can remember all of it! Great info so I thank you very much for your email telling me about it!

—Cindy Langer, MSPT, FMS, FCS, CMCP

Listen... it's possible you already have and incredible team that is running the majority of your practice for you, providing a stellar service that patients are happy to go out-of-network to receive, and adding more profit to your bank account with less headaches every time you add an employee ...

But if that's not the case I can darn near Guarantee you this Masterclass can really help get you there!

Basically this Masterclass will give you the tools to grow a profitable practice run by amazing people.

If that works for you... then scroll down and dive in.

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Don't forget I’m backing your purchase with a 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

If you attend this Masterclass live OR Watch the whole recording… and you don’t feel what you learned will add way more to your bottom line than you invested, simply email Jarod@DrJarodCarter.com and I’ll issue you a full refund.