How to build the right team to scale your cash-based practiceAre you getting ready to hire but afraid of putting your practice in the wrong hands? Creating the right team is definitely one of the trickier parts of growing a practice, but there are some simple strategies that can make it far easier. 

In this week’s podcast, I walk you through approaches that will help you build the right team to fit your unique practice goals. You’ll hear specific tactics that can help you identify the type of personality a position requires, efficiently screen candidates, and train an admin to become a conversion rock star on prospective-patient phone calls.

This “highlight” is from a Q&A call with my Mastermind Gold group—a highly interactive, supportive group where people who have tons of questions and concerns about how to start, grow, or transition to a cash-based private practice get the answers, resources, and confidence they need to build the practice of their dreams. We have a group coaching call every week, and we occasionally use excerpts of those calls for this podcast.

More specifically, we discuss these topics related to building the right team for your growing practice:

  • How to get prepared so when key team members unexpectedly leave the practice, you won’t be forced to take on desperation hires.
  • A method for screening that automatically eliminates those who can’t follow instructions or complete a written interview, so you don’t waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates.
  • A red flag that indicates you have someone in a role that isn’t right for them.
  • The simple trick that makes it easy for a busy practice owner to train an admin to convert phone leads into new patients.
  • How to use the core values, mission statement, and patient avatar to guide hiring decisions so you select only candidates who will fit into to the practice of your dreams.
  • Tips for using a DISC test to help you identify candidates who will be truly compatible with both your management style and the role they will fill.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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