2020 Year in Review and How to Recession-Proof Your Practice in 2021Welcome to 2021! This past year exposed a lot of the vulnerabilities in our businesses, but fortunately, many practices were able to mitigate the potential threats and weaknesses they faced. And some not only survived—they thrived!

For my own cash-based practice in Austin, when it became apparent that gaining new customers would be far more difficult than usual, I focused more on optimizing the POC value of all current AND past clients as possible. And this strategy, along with many others, worked amazingly well to help us stay afloat during the pandemic.

In this podcast, I focus on lessons learned and specific strategies to help strengthen your practice so it will be resilient no matter what surprises 2021 has in store. You’ll hear tips on keeping yourself in the right frame of mind, how to prepare for a disaster, marketing ideas, as well as HR and operational strategies.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • How to work on your mindset so you’ll be able to learn from your challenges and rise above them.
  • What a SWOT analysis is and how it can help you make your practice more resilient, efficient, and profitable. 
  • How to focus your efforts on referral sources that will give you a reliable stream of prospects.
  • The techniques I used last year to optimize the value of all current and past clients.
  • How you can adjust your training and follow-up systems to minimize drop-offs. 
  • Ideas for massively improving the results you get from your email marketing efforts.
  • What I learned about social media marketing and the changes I’m implementing this year.
  • How I handle “gifts” for top spenders and best referral sources so I avoid any legal problems.
  • A system that makes sure you get more positive online reviews for your practice.
  • Things you and your staff can do to increase conversions of leads and inquiries.
  • How to wow new patients with your onboarding process and minimize drop off as they get better.
  • What’s going on with my new startup and what I’ve learned so far.
  • How to hire solid performers and easily keep your training materials current.
  • The power of personal outreach – A little over 50 K in November and a little over 90 K in December, and I didn’t even get through the C in my phone. New practices: reach out to everyone in your phone personally to let them know about your practice, and ASK them to think of you and pass along your info to anyone in need. Established practice owners – personally reach out to everyone to remind them you’re there for them and their loved ones if they have a need
  • How you can create tiered packages to increase revenue and give yourself more “runway” during tough times. 
  • The approach that allows you to pre-frame your clients for telehealth so they’ll be ready to switch easily if the need arises.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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