Top practice growth strategies for any budgetWondering if there’s a way you could leverage your resources to see better growth for your practice?  It can be confusing to figure out the best way to get the word out about our services, particularly when there are significant limits on our time or the money we can invest. And that’s why this week’s podcast discusses the growth strategies that will make the most sense in the context of your specific priorities.

In this episode, I answer three critical questions on the best way to make use of your limited resources to build the practice of your dreams: 

  • “If money were no object but time was, what would be the fastest way to grow?” 
  • “If time was no object, but money was, what would you do?”
  • “Is there a sweet spot in between?”

This “highlight” is from a Q&A call with my Mastermind Gold group—a highly interactive, supportive group where people who have tons of questions and concerns about how to start, grow, or transition to a cash-based private practice get the answers, resources, and confidence they need to build the practice of their dreams. We have a group coaching call every week, and we occasionally use excerpts of those calls for this podcast.

More specifically, we discuss these topics related to effective cash-based practice growth strategies:

  • Which types of expert, targeted help can hugely fast-track the growth of your business if you have a lot of money to invest up front.
  • The simple, organic marketing tactics I recommend to quickly drive business for those on a limited budget.
  • How to promote an online workshop that can allow you to reach your target audience, establish your expertise, and attract new patients who are in need of your services.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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