CBP 104: $1000 cash-pay treatment sessions—with Gina CalderoneThis is the first interviewee I’ve had on the podcast who markets her practice through social media and client referrals successfully enough to offer single sessions that cost over $1000! Granted, these are 4-hour sessions, but it was quite impressive to hear how this level of service is sold.

When Gina Calderone first started out, she saw herself more as an in-home personal trainer even though she was a licensed physical therapist. As she took on more clients, she soon realized she wanted a dedicated space to work in, and she officially started a cash-based practice in 2004. Many of her training clients suffered from chronic pain, which led her to slowly edge back into her specialty of physical therapy. 

In this interview, Gina shares how she got started and found her way in the early years and how she markets her fascinating approach to physical therapy using social media and compelling word-of-mouth referrals. She gets into the details of pricing and scheduling as well as how she conducts her evaluations in such a way that they routinely end with a client buying a multi-visit package.

More specifically, we discuss social media, referrals, and these cash-based practice topics:

  • The logistical details of how the practice makes a fairly small space work for her team of cash-based practitioners and how Gina knows it’s time to expand.
  • Why it’s important to not take on too much space too quickly if you can instead maximize your use of a smaller space. 
  • Creative ideas for growing a physical therapy practice without taking on a lot of overhead expenses.
  • How she structures and prices her evaluations and treatment packages to provide the value her clients want.
  • How offering wellness services enables the private practice to hold onto clients even after their pain is gone.
  • The approach Gina uses that allows her to readily sell treatment packages at the end of her evaluations.
  • The role mindset plays in your ability to gain referrals and charge what the market will actually support for the value you provide.
  • Exactly how Instagram Stories can be used to successfully market a cash-based practice to prospects who would be unlikely to otherwise seek physical therapy.
  • Which sorts of content are used on the different social media platforms to generate the best response and how that content can be generated quickly and easily.
  • The new emotional-component training programs for practitioners that Gina will be launching in 2020.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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