Simple strategies to make your presentations and workshops produce at least 2X more leadsAre you ready to turn your next presentation into a lead-generating powerhouse and major revenue producer for your practice? In today’s podcast, we unveil the strategies for effectively collecting and nurturing potential clients at (and after) presentations or workshops.

Through these proven and practical strategies, you can easily engage your audience and obtain their contact information without sounding sales-y, AND pre-address common objections to saying yes to your offer.

(And before you leave the episode, make sure you scroll down to get a hugely valuable resource, completely for free: An exact outline of a high converting cash-pay patient presentation, so you can create a winning presentation and combine it with this episode’s strategies on gathering and converting the leads you generate.)

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to collecting leads during an event:

  • How to craft a signup sheet for an event that can get nearly 100% of attendees to provide their contact info!
  • For examples of the top producing lead magnets, you can incorporate into your presentations to maximize the patients it produces.
  • Conducting phone call followups and emails to nurture the leads
  • How to write a series of followup emails that your leads are actually happy to receive, and more importantly, compel them to take you up on your offer.
  • A key timing strategy for when to move patients from free consultations to paid evaluations

I’ve got a free resource for you, my “Step-by-Step Present & Workshop Outline That Converts Attendees Into Cash-Pay Patientswhich will help you create presentations & workshops that maximize your ability to convert attendees into cash-pay patients.

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the outline!


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