My Top 6 Event marketing strategies to generate leads & cash-pay patientsAre you getting ready to participate in an event to promote your private practice? Whether you’ll be a vendor, have a booth, or offer free injury or health screens… today’s episode is a must see. You’ll learn my top 6 event marketing strategies that maximize the number of leads and paying customers you will acquire—both during and after the event.

This week’s video shares some event marketing strategies that will increase the total number of leads you’ll generate, how to use offers to improve your signups, and follow-up tactics that will turn those leads into cash-pay patients. 

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to event marketing strategies:

  • Tips for capitalizing on your on-the-spot opportunities to convert leads into consultations. 
  • How to manage a crowd so you will be able to interact with more visitors and schedule those who want appointments.
  • How to craft an offer that will capture the attention of your target patient and make them want to sign up before they leave.
  • A simple trick that encourages people to leave a phone number when they sign up.
  • Ideas that dramatically improve your return from the raffle or giveaway items you offer.
  • How to automate a follow up email series that can help you nurture the relationship with your new leads and improve the odds they’ll opt to become a paying patient.

My top 6 event marketing strategies to generate leads & cash-pay patients

I’ve got a free resource for you: “Lead Management & Patient Followup Tracking Spreadsheet & Training,” which helps ensure you follow up with every lead so you will never again let someone slip through the cracks and be forgotten. 

Click below to download this resource:

Lead Management & Patient Followup Tracking Spreadsheet & Training

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the follow-up spreadsheet! If you want to learn more about event marketing strategies, here are some podcast episodes you might like:

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