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3 Simple and Powerful Strategies that Immediately Build Expert Status and Attract High-Quality Patients

If you’re a therapist, physician, chiropractor or healthcare practitioner who wants to rise above the competition in your area and attract high-quality patients ...

Then pay close attention to the special offer on this page because I can pretty much guarantee it turns you into the "go-to" provider for your specialty and packs your schedule with patients happy to pay a premium for your services.

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I know that's a big promise, but stick with me and I'll give a real world example shortly.

But first… In case we’re meeting for the first time, my name’s Jarod Carter. I’m the 10+ year owner of a thriving Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice in Austin TX that has paid me more every year while now requiring just 2-5 hours of my time per week.

I’m the author of the books “My Cash-Based Practice” and “Medicare & Cash-Pay Physical Therapy,” and host of “The Cash-Based Practice Podcast,” which I'm humbled to say has received over half a million downloads.

But most importantly, I’m a proud coach who has helped 100s of individual healthcare providers like you get out from under the thumb of greedy insurance companies and grow thriving Cash-Based Practices of their own, where they control their time, their income, & provide a level of care they’re proud of.

Now, I’m particularly excited you’re here on this page because whether you already run a Cash-Based Practice or you’re simply tired of the broken healthcare model and would like to transition Out of Network … I can say without a doubt this upcoming Masterclass is going to answer one of the most common questions I am asked by my coaching clients:

"Jarod, how can I stand out in my crowded marketplace and attract enough patients to keep my clinic schedule full?"

If you've ever wondered the same, I've got good news and bad news ...

The bad news is that today's marketplace is more competitive than ever, even if you are in-network with most insurances, and especially if you're not. So continuing to market your practice the same old way just isn't gonna cut it.

The good news is that the internet provides an opportunity to completely eclipse your competition if you know the strategies that will make you the "go to" provider for your target market.

Sadly, most practice owners think that online marketing is complicated and that hiring a firm to do it for you is an expensive necessity.

But the truth is that there are a handful of simple online marketing strategies that will not only cast you and your staff as the premier experts in your niche, but will also dissolve the objections people have to paying more out of pocket for your care.

And I'm going to teach you some of the most simple and powerful "Authority Content Marketing" strategies in this Masterclass... Most

Hear What The Attendees Had To Say About This Masterclass

The best thing about webinars is when you learn new things and also get your questions answered. I got all this from Dr. Carter‘s recent webinar "3 Simple and Powerful Strategies that Immediately Build Expert Status and Attract High-Quality Patients."

I’d have to say the 3 most prominent pieces of information I received were:
a. How to improve my Copywriting
b. How to best increase my YouTube traffic
c. How to use and reuse curated content

From little tips like checking out prevention.com for great headlines to going back and freshening up old blogs, watching the webinar was time well spent. I never thought about capitalizing the “PT” in my Movevolutionpt@gmail.com email, to make it easier for folks to read! Another nugget.

Want high-performing website? Then check in with a high-performing coach. Check out Dr. Carter’s webinar!

—RICHARD SYMISTER, MSPT, CSCS, Owner of Movevolution Physical and Performance Therapy

The masterclass I attended, “3 Simple and Powerful Strategies that Immediately Build Expert Status and Attract High-Quality Patients”, was exceptional!

While we already try to employ many of these same strategies in our marketing, Jarod was able to give us several “golden nuggets” that will allow us to tweak what we are already doing and make our marketing even better.

If you employ even just 1 of these strategies, you will see the results!

—Cody Barnett PT Owner, Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Concussion Specialist

Here’s just some of what you'll learn in this Masterclass

  • 3 of the most impactful online marketing strategies you can use to establish expert status and get your clinic's phone ringing off the hook ... quickly creating assets that continue to produce patients for years to come.
  • The keys to influential writing - whether it's your blog posts, emails, or print brochures, you'll learn simple tactics that will get readers to do what you want them to, even if you've never considered yourself a "good writer."
  • The blog creation strategy and template that makes it easy to rank highly for your niche treatments, get high quality traffic to your site, and convert that traffic into customers ... without taking loads of your time.
  • How a video that took me 10 minutes to record and literally 5 minutes to edit on my old iPhone 5, has resulted in multiple 5-figures of revenue for my practice ...  generating multiple patients who have driven from hours away and even flown in from out of state! This Masterclass has an entire section on quickly creating these types of patient-producing videos.
clinic marketing video

A little more detail on what you'll learn:

  • Major time-saver - how to repurpose, reuse, and multiply existing content to quickly generate blogs, social posts, and videos with very little of your time.
  • How to use a Free platform to create powerful blog posts and articles in less than half the time, and how staff or contractors can do it for you at a ridiculously low cost.
  • A simple question-based strategy that immediately hooks your reader's and video viewer's attention, keeps them engaged, and primes them for your offer.
  • How to avoid the common mistake that triggers a reader/viewer to think: "I'll deal with this later" instead of "I MUST act on this now!"
  • The key statements that powerfully connect with prospective customers to see you as the 'go to' expert and solution to their problem ... and get them primed to say YES!
  • The copywriting hacks that keep your marketing emails out of the spam folder and in the inboxes of high quality patients... and these take zero time to implement!
  • The scarcity and urgency tactics that cost you nothing, and more than double your chances that patients will take you up on your offer.
  • Easy keyword research methods that will give you highly-searched content ideas to get in front of your target market and make them see you truly understand their issues. You'll never have to wonder what to write about again!
  • The secret to quickly creating click-worthy titles and subject lines that your ideal customer will find irresistible and will optimize your website search engine ranking.
  • The Automated "Be Everywhere" strategy to get and stay in front of your target market and put your Authority Marketing into overdrive ... and have someone else do most of the work!

And here are all the things you get when you grab access today

  • 1-hour Masterclass where you'll learn the simple online methods that establish your practice as THE authority in your niche, attracting tons of new patients who are happy to pay top dollar for a chance to work with you. ($197 value)
  • Post Masterclass Q&A Listen in on any and all questions Jarod answered live so you can implement these strategies immediately in your practice. Included in the Masterclass recording. ($147 value)
  • BONUS #1: Detailed training on how I write and optimize high-ranking blog posts at my clinic website ($47 value)
  • BONUS #2: Video gear guide Get everything you need for patient-producing videos for less than $100 ($27 value)
  • BONUS #3: The dead simple, non-techie way to edit videos Learn how to record and edit great video content on an iPhone in less than 5 minutes. ($47 value)
  • BONUS #4: Lifetime Recording Access Pay just once, but go back time and time again to extract these powerful authority marketing strategies. ($147 value)

The total value of everything included is $612

Now, I’m sure we can agree if these strategies get you even a fraction of the results my coaching clients and I have achieved you could easily make your money back 10 fold in just a few months if you paid $612 today.

But instead you can enjoy lifetime access to everything listed above...

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Now, just to show you how confident I am that you will be blown away by the results you get from the powerful information inside this Masterclass… I’m backing your purchase with a 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

If you watch the whole recording, and you don’t feel what you learned will add way more than you invested to your bottom line, simply email Jarod@DrJarodCarter.com and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Still on the fence? Here's what some of your colleagues have to say about our Masterclasses...

The Cash-Based Masterclass was a great experience, and I learned a ton! There are so many resources for all the questions I had about starting and growing a business. I love how I had access to the FAQ page, resources, all previous live calls, etc. Best of all was the community you enter when you take the course. I felt supported by others in the live calls and facebook group. The culture of sharing your successes and endeavors makes it all worthwhile.

—Rachel Daof, PT, DPT

This was a great Masterclass! It made me sit down and look at where practice revenues slow and how to increase the revenue in creative ways. I realized revenue, for my pelvic health business, does not slow around the holidays, but ebbs and flows with the school year as many Moms are focused on their kids and less on their functional health goals. Thank you for also reviewing my "seasonal" idea about celebrating "Labor Day" for women one year post partum. Realizing seasonal promotions are not only holidays, but seasons related to our clients life and lifestyles was the best take away from this masterclass. Looking forward to more takeaways from more Masterclasses! Thanks!

—Amanda Heritage, PT, DPT, PRPC

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your email "story-telling" Masterclass was! I learned so much about how to craft and create an awesome email! I definitely think my clients will want to read these emails more than the boring ones I've been sending lol! I was so grateful that I said "yes" and signed up! And I keep replaying it so i can remember all of it! Great info so I thank you very much for your email telling me about it!

—Cindy Langer, MSPT, FMS, FCS, CMCP

Listen... it's possible you already have more patients than you can handle dying to pay a premium for you care...

But if that's not the case I can darn near Guarantee you this Masterclass can really help get you there! When you implement what you learn inside, you'll establish yourself as the foremost expert in your area bringing cash-pay patients to your clinic doorstep ... happy to pay you top dollar without resistance.

If that works for you... then scroll down below and dive in.

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Don't forget, I’m backing your purchase with a 30-Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

If you attend this Masterclass live OR Watch the whole recording… and you don’t feel what you learned will add way more to your bottom line than you invested, simply email Jarod@DrJarodCarter.com and I’ll issue you a full refund.