Are too many of your prospective patients opting to walk away when you attempt to close the sale? If so, it could very well be related to the confidence you feel—or more correctly, don’t feel—when you make your offer.2 Keys To Sell Your Physical Therapy Services To More Cash-Pay Patients This is a huge problem for most clinicians-turned-practice owners, especially when you’re pitching physical therapy services to an insured patient who would have to go out of network to work with you or your clinicians.

If you don’t offer your cash-pay services with full confidence and zero awkwardness, I guarantee you are losing a ton of money over time, AND you’re serving far fewer people than you could be. So today, I’ll explain how to shed that awkwardness and change your perspective such that you’re actually excited to get to the part of your phone call or consultation where you make the offer of your services.

In this video, you get a peek inside my weekly Mastermind group coaching calls, where I discuss 2 simple mindset hacks that will help you get you an easy “Yes” far more often, so you will be able to serve and help more people.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to selling physical therapy services:

  • Learn how to use dramatic patient stories to ignite your confidence so you can get more yeses when you pitch your physical therapy services.
  • Why it’s important to remind yourself that you are only offering what your patient truly needs in order to be able to enjoy a healthy, active life.
  • A brilliant way to make sure you’re not letting your beliefs about patient finances affect what you suggest as a Plan of Care.
  • How to position your recommendations in a way that sets enticing, realistic expectations that will serve as motivation to help patients reach their treatment goals.

2 Keys To Sell Your Physical Therapy Services To More Cash-Pay Patients

 I’ve got a free resource for you: “Cash-Pay Practice Closing Scripts – Turn Consults Into Patients Without Feeling Pushy or Salesy,” which will help you expertly guide conversations with new patients in a way that gets them so excited about the incredible value of your services that they can’t wait to get started.

Click below to download these high-converting scripts:

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