How to sell more cash-pay physical therapy packages & the #1 mistake to avoidIf you’re trying to sell treatment packages in your practice, it’s highly likely you’re committing a vital mistake that is costing you a lot of money, and lowering the number of patients you get to help.

In this video, you’ll learn about a simple adjustment to when you present your packages that will dramatically increase the number of yes’s you get to your offer.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to your physical therapy package pitch:

  • The reason that offering the option of expensive packages during the initial consult actually prompts many patients to decide they don’t want to schedule another visit.
  • When I recommend bringing up your treatment packages so you can avoid outpace the relationship you’ve nurtured with that patient.
  • Customer-friendly language for introducing physical therapy packages in a way that helps the patient focus more on their savings than on the size of the investment.
  • How to mitigate patient disappointment related to their “lost” savings upon learning about a discount option after they’ve already paid full price for some visits.

How to sell more cash-pay physical therapy packages & the #1 mistake to avoid:

I’ve got a free resource for you called the “Cash-Pay Treatment Package Calculator,” which allows you to easily leverage the optimal timing for your pitch by offering a retroactive discount on any session they’ve already paid for in full.

Click below to download this simple tool that can help you get more enthusiastic yes’es when you offer a costly treatment package:

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