Since I last talked with cancer-rehab specialist Angela Wicker-Ramos in 2016, her practice has experienced incredible growth. Despite working in a niche where patients are heavily reliant on insurance for the bulk of their care, Angela’s cash-based practice is thriving. Currently she has a group of 15 providers from various disciplines offering services to patients, but none are regular employees. This structure allows Angela to keep things simple while still providing all the services cancer patients need.

With a combination of referrals and community-based marketing, her message of specialized care and a highly integrated customer experience has been resonating throughout the Austin area.

In this interview, Angela shares how she built the practice through a strong referral network of busy oncology providers, support groups, and even her own competitors.

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More specifically, I discuss these topics related to offline marketing:

  • How she got started in the cancer-rehab niche and what led her to start her own multidisciplinary practice.
  • The work arrangements Angela has with the 15 providers who provide care for her patients that enable her to avoid becoming a regular employer.
  • How billing and compensation is handled to create a seamless experience for patients regardless of which providers they see.
  • The triage approach to new patients that drivers cross-referral business within the various practitioners.
  • The reasons the cash-pay model is often far more economical for cancer patients.
  • Why oncologists are unlikely to refer many patients for physical therapy and the creative tactics that work to overcome that tendency.
  • How Angela gets access to cancer center providers who are the primary point of contact for her patient population.
  • Why collaborating with local “competitors” in your niche can result in a surprising number of referrals for the practice.
  • The easy way to get invited to connect with support groups in your niche.
  • Ideas for repurposing your presentations to maximize the marketing value for your practice.
  • How the initial conversation with prospective patients is handled to address their insurance objections in a way that gets them focused on the high value of the care they’ll receive.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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