referral-marketingDo you struggle with how to develop new referral sources for your cash-based practice? Or do your efforts to reach new prospective referral sources rarely get answered? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’ll want to check out this video. I share a simple healthcare referral marketing strategy that works, without making you feel like a used-car salesman.

In this week’s video, you’ll hear my favorite tactic to drastically increase your referral source network, without all the awkwardness, cold calling, or uncomfortable conversations. You’ll learn how to cultivate referral sources who are happy to send you cash-pay patients.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to healthcare referral marketing:

  • How to identify where you can find lots of promising referral sources.
  • The key characteristic that will help you target providers whose clientele is primed to be comfortable saying yes to cash-pay services.
  • How you and your staff can cultivate opportunities to get a warm introduction to local referral sources.
  • The referral marketing approach most likely to elicit a positive response when you reach out.
  • How to foster the relationship over time and increase the odds that a referral will result.

Easy ways to get more cash-pay referral sources


I’ve got a free resource for you: “Referral Source Tracking and Follow-Up Reminder Spreadsheet,” which helps you ensure none of your potential referral sources can fall through the cracks before they recognize the huge value you would offer to their patients.

Click below to download this resource, which includes the exact scripts I use to add cash-pay referral sources to my own practice.

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the tracking spreadsheet and referral-generation scripts!

Here are some more episodes on referral marketing strategies:

CBP 194: How to get a potential referral source excited about your practice

In this podcast, I explain how to make the most of your in-person introductions to referral sources, including how to guide the conversation to build rapport and help them understand the value you can bring to their patients.

CBP 155: How to fill your schedule with patients using a network of referral partners—with Greg Judice

In this episode, Greg shares exactly how he uses a podcast that costs around $60-$75 per episode to turn an incredible 20-25% of his guests into referral partners.

CBP 138: How to cultivate physician referrals for your cash-based practice

I explain how to navigate the initial conversation, including discussing your billing arrangements, how to establish rapport, and things you can do to increase the chances that any referrals you receive will convert.


More resources to help you grow your cash-based referral-source network: 


5 Simple Strategies That Turn Existing Patients Into a Predictable Source of Referrals

Learn exactly what to do to ensure you are getting the most new business out of all your current and past customers. Check it out here.

A Little-Known Yet Easy Way to Generate at Least 1 New Referral Source Each Month

Find out how you can quickly and easily create an interview-style show/podcast that will compel prospective referral sources to jump at the chance to spend an hour with you. Check it out here.




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