I’m so excited to share this inspiring interview with Greg Judice, one of my Mastermind group members. Since joining the group last year, he has created a vibrant network of referral partners, and his practice had its best year ever—despite the pandemic!

During PT school, Greg became disillusioned by the harsh economic realities that overshadowed his dream of starting a private practice. So after graduation, he decided it was better to simply work in a corporate PT job. But that quickly led to burnout, which gave him the motivation to find a way out, and that eventually led him to investigate the cash-based practice model. Armed with that information, he laid the groundwork to start a practice during his residency program; and in 2017, he opened his doors. Unfortunately, the flood of business he’d anticipated was more like a slow trickle. He spent the next 2.5 years experimenting with marketing efforts that didn’t bear much fruit and finally concluded it was time to get some professional guidance in my Cash-Practice Mastermind group.

In this interview, you’ll hear how Greg got started, what he learned along the way, and what really took his practice from struggling to successful in a few short months. He shares exactly how he uses a podcast that costs around $60-$75 per episode to turn an incredible 20-25% of his guests into referral partners. And he describes how working with two different coaches completely transformed his results in just a few months.

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More specifically, I discuss these topics related to word-of-mouth referrals:

  • How he got started in physical therapy and prepared to open his own practice.
  • The painful lessons Greg learned in the first part of his entrepreneurship journey and what he would do differently now.
  • How he uses a podcast to establish relationships with highly desirable referral partners.
  • The resources that helped him learn how to set up a professional-sounding podcast.
  • Leveraging the psychology of the interview to get guests to share their stories and show their passion to the audience.
  • The surprising way sending a questionnaire in advance to guests makes the interviews enable you to vet referral sources.
  • How his assistant handles cold calls with potential guests to achieve an unbelievably high 50% success rate.
  • Using post-interview conversation to uncover their pain points and demonstrate the value you can provide to them and their patients.
  • Tech tools that make podcast production simple and low cost.
  • How to set up a follow-up system that creates touchpoints that help nurture the relationship with guests after the interview and increase the likelihood of receiving referrals.
  • The targeting networking approach that enables you to maximize your marketing ROI. 
  • Why Greg feels working with a coach is essential if you want to create the practice of your dreams as quickly and economically as possible.
  • How to choose a coach who will be a great fit for your specific situation.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Interested in the cash-based private practice model? 

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