fill-gaps-schedule-last-minute-cancellationsAre last-minute cancellations or discharges creating unexpected holes in your practice schedule? Then this video is for you. You’ll learn 3 physical therapy marketing ideas that reliably fill those costly gaps in your schedule with cash-pay patients—even at the last minute!

Last week, one of my therapists had twice as many patients reach discharge than normal, and had a patient move out of town and two others that were about to start long trips. His schedule, which is generally pretty full, had fallen apart almost overnight, and we didn’t realize it until the Friday morning right before the week when his schedule was more than half empty. 

So on that Friday, I implemented 3 physical therapy marketing ideas that got 10 more patients on his schedule for the following week … all within 48 hours.

And in this video, you’ll hear about exactly what we did and how you can easily reproduce these tactics to reliably fill gaps in your practice’s schedule.

More specifically, I discuss these physical therapy marketing ideas:

  • How you can use Facebook ads to quickly attract new patients.
  • The text-message followup strategy that creates some nice buzz for the practice while reactivating past patients who are once again in need of treatment.
  • How to promote a “flash sale” with your email list that can quickly fill the schedule gaps left by last-minute cancellations.

How we got my practice fully booked just 48 hours after 10 last-minute cancellations:

I’ve got a free resource for you called “Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas That Landed 10 Cash-Pay Patients in 48 Hours,” which includes the word-for-word scripts that we used for the text, the email, and the Facebook Ad responsible for getting those 10 patients on the schedule so quickly.

Click below to download this repeatable strategy that can help you fill in your schedule and add tons of annual revenue to your bottom line.

Again, you’ll get the exact wording and even images for the Facebook Ad:

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