Your cash practice questions answeredI received a lot of great feedback from my first Q&A session and a number of people asking me to do more, so I didn’t want to wait to long before I honored their request. I also have an exciting announcement about a new way you can ask me questions to answer in future Q&A episodes like this one.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

  • How the cash pay business model affects frequency and duration of patient treatment in my clinic.
  • What I do when I can tell that the cost of treatment is a burden for a patient
  • How I handle late cancellations and no shows, and how I minimize them
  • My answer to the question: Is it possible to have a cash based Pediatric practice?
  • My top tips for how to have success in the cash-pay pediatric market
  • My answer to the question: Do you think that physical therapy practices are moving towards offering cash-based services across the board?
  • Why I think offering cash based services will be more acceptable to the general population in the future, and we will see an increase in the percentage of the population willing to go out-of-network for healthcare.
  • A vital component to retaining customers/patients as you drop insurance contracts and go out of network with their insurance.
  • An exciting announcement regarding future Q&A podcast episodes

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