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UK-based cash-practice ownerThe marketing tips, techniques, and mindset presented in this episode are absolute gold. I was so pumped when I finished this interview. Paul Gough is a physiotherapist and private practice owner in England with four clinic locations. What’s most impressive about this is that his business is almost 100% cash-based in a country where everyone can get physical therapy completely for free. That’s right, most of his patients pay $100-$150/visit out-of-pocket at his clinics, even though they would pay $0 to go to his competition. How in the world has he pulled this off? We cover it all in this interview. In fact, there is so much detail and information I had to cut the interview into two parts to keep them reasonable in length.

In Part 1 of this interview, we discuss these cash-practice topics:

  • Why Paul chose to leave his position as physiotherapist for a professional soccer team to start his own practice.
  • The general structure of the health care and insurance system in the UK… Which provides free physical therapy to everyone.
  • How his profits plummeted overnight due to a change in a law, and what he did to make sure he was never affected like that again.
  • The definition of “direct response marketing.”
  • How and why he changed his “brochure-style” website to a “direct response” website.
  • What he has found people are truly looking for when they inquire about physical therapy… Hint: it is not to “get rid of my pain.”
  • How and why he works to “generate leads” rather than “advertising for a sale”
  • The secret to why many practices have occasional “flat lines” in the amount of new patients they generate, and how to avoid that in your practice.
  • The most common objections that prospective patients have to starting physical therapy, and how to provide answers to them effectively.
  • how he compels website visitors to provide their contact information, and the extremely sophisticated follow-up process he uses to keep 4 cash-pay clinics (7 staff PTs) fully booked, while his competitors charge patients nothing out of pocket.
  • Why you can create the same phone and email system for your practice even if none of your staff are very “good” on the phone. 

Resources and Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Affordable Email Marketing platforms: Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailchimp (FYI: Mailchimp has an enticing free offer, but their free version does not allow you to set up the automated emails you’ll need for this marketing method)

This is an incredible program where Paul walks you step by step through creating your own Direct Response Patient Generation System like the one he described in this episode.

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