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8 Non-Negotiable Keys for Cash Practice Success

Without Wasting Time, Getting Overwhelmed Or Breaking the Bank


What Will I Learn In This Free Training?

  • "Make or Break" Mindset – find out if you have subconscious roadblocks that could keep you spinning your wheels and never reaching your private practice goals 
  • A simple method to easily add 5 or even 6 $figures to your revenue by minimizing patient schedule drop-offs
  • How to answer the “Do you take my insurance?” question with confidence and convert much more into cash-pay customers
  • 3 components that turned Jarod's clinic's website into his biggest business producer...on autopilot
  •  How to capitalize on your lowest hanging fruit by maximizing word-of-mouth referrals and stellar online reviews
  • The key to $5-figure presentations/workshops that continue to produce business for years
  • Online marketing's dirty secret: Most website "lead magnets" don't work unless you do this

About Jarod Carter PT, DPT, MTC

Jarod opened his successful cash-based practice in early 2010 and filled his schedule within six months. Since then, he has helped guide hundreds of his healthcare colleagues to create or transition to the cash-based/out-of-network.

In the fall of 2011, he released his first book, My Cash-Based Practice, and began blogging, podcasting, and speaking on all aspects of the out-of-network practice model on his website DrJarodCarter.com. His second book Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy was released in 2015. His podcast, The Cash-Based Practice Podcast, has over 400,000 downloads. In 2019, Jarod released The Cash-Based Freedom e-Course, which guides students in the creation of a 12-month, customized action plan which guides students step-by-step to creating their dream, private practice.

Training Details:

Who is this training for?

Any healthcare professional that ever wanted to confidently build a profitable and successful Cash-Based Practice without wasting time, getting overwhelmed or breaking the bank.

Where is it?

This is an online training so you can watch it from anywhere from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Login details will be emailed to you after you register.

When is it?

Select from several dates and times to fit with your busy schedule.

How long is it?

About an hour and 45 minutes...get ready to take notes because it's jammed packed with actionable, practice-creating strategies from start to finish.

How much is it?

It's FREE!

If you are looking to open or grow a cash-based practice or transition a current practice out of network, this is must-know information.

Here's what one of your colleagues had to say about the FREE Training...

"Learn how to open your own cash-based private practice! Be your own boss. Avoid costly mistakes. Enjoy life as a healthcare entrepreneur.  

I have been following Jarod Carter's podcast for years and he is one of the reasons I was confident enough to go out on my own, create and make Movevolution Physical Therapy work!  

Though I’ve had a busy cash-based practice for years, I learned some important new strategies for fine-tuning my website, getting tons of 5-star reviews, and other marketing foundations. Highly recommend it!" 

- Richard Symister PT, DPT