Episode-16-How we convert 80 percent of our leads into cash-pay patientsIf you’d like to get more cash-pay patients on your schedule, but you or your receptionist struggle to get callers to say ‘yes’ to your cash-based services, then this week’s video is definitely worth a few minutes of your time. You’ll discover precisely how my own physical therapy practice uses a simple, 8-step phone call checklist to convert 80% of our leads into cash-pay patients.

In this video, I explain exactly what goes into my “Prospective Patient Call Checklist.” Then you’ll learn how to use those 8 steps to guide your initial patient conversations so that you can confidently convert 80% or more of interested leads into out-of-network, private-pay patients.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to converting leads into cash-pay patients:

  • How to use the ‘Insurance Re-Frame’ to pivot your conversation, so you can establish significant value in the mind of the prospect before you get into the details of your insurance situation. 
  • The process that allows you to leverage the patient’s history and current limitations to help them focus on the emotional importance of successfully reaching their treatment goals.
  • How to establish credibility and differentiate what you offer from the local competition to get the prospective patient excited about the incredibly high value of your services.
  • How to seal the deal and get the patient scheduled for their first visit.


How We Convert 80% Of Our Leads Into Cash-Pay Patients (Regardless of their Insurance Status)

I’ve got a free resource for you: “A Simple Script That Turns Uncommitted Prospects Into Fully Committed Patients.” This contains 3 additional scripts you can use to help get new patients to fully commit when you get the sense they may not show up for their first visit.

Click below to download the scripts, and keep your schedule from falling apart at the last minute:

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the scripts!



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How to answer the question, “Do you take my insurance?”How to answer

This powerful system helps you master the initial patient phone call so you can help prospects make the best decisions about their healthcare, and maximize conversions of phone calls into cash-pay patients … even if the very first thing out of their mouth is, “Do you take Blue Cross?” Check it out here.



A step-by-step guide on how to create webinars and online workshops that generate loads of patients for your private practice … on autopilot! Regardless of whether you’re treating patients online or in the clinic, you’ll learn every detail of how to create a proven-to-convert webinar, so it won’t take a large audience to generate a large amount of new patients and revenue. Check it out here.

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