In our previous episode of The Cash-Based Practice Podcast, Sturdy McKee shared the patient communication strategy he used each time he dropped an insurance contract and delved into exactly how cash-based practices need to go above and beyond to win out-of-network patients.

Now, in episode 75, Sturdy explains how to identify touch-points where patients or referrers interact with your brand and ways to improve their experience. We talk about everything from getting staff invested and engaged in policy changes, to guiding your referral sources in how they pre-frame potential patients they are sending your way. The episode wraps up talking about how you can move out-of-network one insurer at a time, the finances behind those decisions, and exactly how you should phrase the transition to your patients. It is a can’t miss episode!!

Sturdy discusses the "Scale of Delightedness" and how it relates to running a physical therapy practice
Sturdy discusses the “Scale of Delightedness” and how it relates to running a PT practice

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

    • Specific, no-cost changes to make paperwork a better experience for your patients
    • Guiding your local referral sources in how they speak about your practice.
    • Strategies for getting your staff involved in making customer-oriented changes
    • How to relay why you’re dropping an insurance company in a way that is relevant to patients.
    • Why a decrease in patient volume after going OON with an insurer can SAVE you money
    • The importance of identifying consumer touch-points with your brand
    • What touch-point Sturdy identified IMMEDIATELY and how he improved his customers’ experience
    • The scale of delightedness and how it applies in a physical therapy practice
    • Where to find detailed steps on getting out of specific insurance contracts

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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