CBP 125: How to improve your email deliverability and get better ROI on email marketing—with Prajanay PaulIn this highlights episode, Prajanay
Paul of PatientSites.com explains how you can increase the chances that the emails you send out to market your cash-based practice will actually be seen. With the industry average for email deliverability at around 60-70%, it’s likely a whole lot of your carefully written emails are never seen by anyone. 

Remember, every message that goes missing is a potential lost sale! So while this is probably not your favorite topic, the tips and tools Paul shares make it so simple to solve email deliverability problems that you simply cannot afford to continue letting your messages get swallowed by spam and promotions filters. 

This “highlight” is from a full episode on optimizing deliverability and website SEO

More specifically, we discuss these email deliverability topics:

  • How you can quickly discover exactly what factors are increasing the odds that your messages will be marked spam or be sent to the “promotions” inbox. 
  • Why a failure to optimize one-to-one style emails will cost you the most in lost opportunities.
  • How to learn which keywords are likely to create problems, and how you can change the wording to increase the odds your message will successfully reach more inboxes.
  • How to include links in your emails without causing the messages to be flagged as spam.
  • The “tone” you should use for your email marketing to improve message deliverability.
  • How to find out if you have a proper ‘sender policy framework’ and DKIM set up so your email server won’t trigger spam filters—and how you can resolve it if you don’t.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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