CBP 76 Optimizing Your Email Deliverability and Website SEO to plug Cash Practice Profit LeaksThis episode solves two incredibly common but little known problems for private practices… First, the average email deliverability rate is around 60-70%… which means 30%-40% of your emails are never reaching your target audience! Imagine what just a 10% increase in the delivery of your marketing messages could mean for your private practice’s bottom line. 

Second, many practice owners spends thousands to create websites that lack fundamental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and miss out on TONS of potential business because prospective patients rarely visit their site.

This episode gives multiple actionable tips and strategies to solve both the above problems and stop the incredible “profit leaks” they create in your cash-based private practice.

Paul also created an incredible free SEO and Email Deliverability Guide: Click here to get it! [Free PDF Download]

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

    • Email deliverability and a tool that tells you what changes to make to reduce the risk of being marked spam.
    • Why newsletters require less optimization than one-to-one style emails
    • The most common mistakes on emails sent out to client lists and quick fixes for them
    • Examples of positive and negative keywords and how they impact your deliverability
    • How to include links in your emails without being sent to the spam box
    • The necessity of setting up a ‘sender policy framework’ and DKIM…and how to do it!
    • Distinctions between local and organic SEO and how to cater to both types.
    • Where to concentrate your patient reviews and how they affect your SEO
    • Secrets to local keyword selection and a tool that will help you make market savvy decisions
    • How to differentiate your primary and secondary keywords to get the best search results on Google.
    • Tips for uploading images that will improve your SEO
    • Establishing authority in your field and dominating the search engine via back links and guest posts.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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