Discovering story-based emails revolutionized patient engagement in my cash-based practice, blending education with entertainment to skyrocket how my emails create new and return patients.

And in this week’s video training, you will learn exactly how the once time-consuming task is now a breeze thanks to AI… enabling creation of these revenue producing emails in under 5 minutes.

(Side note: this training happens to be an extracted lesson from our upcoming Cash-Based Practice Marketing Intensive, leveraging AI to supercharge the most proven practice marketing strategies and in a fraction of the time.)

Scroll down to watch the video, and make sure you also download the free resource on how to use ChatGPT to ALSO create the highest-converting blogs, web pages, and social media posts for your cash-pay practice.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to healthcare email marketing:

  • Story-Based Email Magic: Discover the power of storytelling in emails to skyrocket opens and inspire action.
  • Craft Like a Pro: Get tips on tailoring prompts with your practice’s unique details for sharp, effective ChatGPT communication.
  • Emails That Engage: Learn to weave compelling narratives into emails, with real strategies for boosting patient response through targeted offers.
  • Tone & Brevity Mastery: Refine your email’s vibe for your audience, cutting fluff to keep readers hooked.
  • Real-World Crafting: Dive into crafting an engaging email, using a day at the Austin City Limits Music Festival as a vibrant example.
  • Boost Engagement & Conversions: Unveil strategies for using story-driven emails to keep patients engaged and eager for more.

How to get more patients with email marketing in just 3 minutes


I’ve got a free resource for you: “How to use ChatGPT to save hours on blogs, emails, and social media marketing,” which shows you how to use targeted prompts for creating SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience, attracting new patients to your practice..

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the resource!

Prompt Template for ChatGPT


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