CBP 111: How To Generate New Cash-Pay Patients with Instagram—Leon KnightIn this highlights episode, Leon Knight explains how he uses Instagram to bring in at least one new patient per week! To some, that may not sound like a lot. But for a small cash-practice, that’s more patient generation via social media than I’ve heard of almost any practice owner doing without paying for ads on Facebook and Instagram (and it still beats most that are paying for ads). 

In just a couple years, he built a large following for his solo cash practice from seriously humble beginnings—without a single paid ad. At the time of this original recording, Leon had over 75,000 followers, which is impressive enough. However since then, his following has grown to more than 200,000!

Leon shares exactly how he grew his large Instagram following, the type of content that works best to attract new patients, and how he positions his practice to stand out from the competition. 

This “highlight” is from a full episode on starting a cash-based physical therapy practice and leveraging free social media marketing.

More specifically, you’ll learn the following tips and patient-generating strategies via Instagram:

    • The type of posts that produce cash-pay physical therapy patients.
    • The importance of frequent, useful posts and how they help you build your following.
    • How Leon uses Instagram as his “live resume” to demonstrate what he can do for patients and differentiate himself from competitors.
    • Why you should choose a catchy, credible Instagram persona that will allow you to market effectively.
    • Tips for quickly and easily generating quality Instagram content that appeals to your target. 
    • Strategies on the terminology and #hashtags that will help attract new followers.
    • Tips for reposting content that make it easier to ensure proper credit is given to the source.
    • Why Leon focuses on the patient experience and results in order to attract attention on Instagram.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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