Struggling to break free from an in-network clinic and build your own thriving, cash-based physical therapy practice?

In my recent interview with Nicole Dumas, we unveil the secrets to getting started and achieving success with minimal risk.Nicole Dumas

Her decision to leave an overwhelming in-network clinic, where she saw up to 20 patients a day, led her to create a practice that not only fulfills her passion but also allows her to provide top-notch care without burning out.

Nicole started her practice as a side-hustle, mobile practice and later transitioned to a brick-and-mortar clinic space, Recovery Sports Therapy in Massachusetts., Her progression from burned out employee, to side-hustle, to full time private practice owner was a move that significantly improved her work-life balance and overall health.

In an insightful interview, Nicole shares the strategies, mindset shifts, and challenges she overcame to achieve her success. She also discusses the impact of being part of the Cash-Based Practice Mastermind group, where she gained invaluable perspectives and support from other successful practice owners.

If you’re dreaming of building a profitable, insurance-free private practice, Nicole’s journey is a must-watch. Learn how she is constantly getting fully booked structured her business for maximum impact, and maintained a healthy work-life balance.

More specifically, we discuss these topics related to growing a successful cash-based PT practice:

  • The challenges and rewards of shifting from a high-volume in-network clinic to a personalized, cash-based practice. She emphasizes the importance of work-life balance and the freedom to provide better care without the constraints of insurance.
  • Transitioning from a small practice to a larger clinic due to increased patient demand, including hiring additional staff to manage the growing number of patients and choosing a clinic location that is accessible and convenient for patients.
  • Benefits of being part of a supportive community such as the Cash-Based Mastermind group for business advice and motivation.
  • How she leveraged social media marketing, and networking through gyms and a BNI group to attract and retain cash-pay patients.


Have you been inspired by Nicole’s incredible journey to success with her private physical therapy practice, Recovery Sports Therapy? As her business coach, I couldn’t be prouder of the transformation she’s achieved. Nicole went from balancing a side hustle to running a full-time, thriving practice with a waitlist of clients eager to benefit from her expertise.

Do you dream of doubling your profit per patient and building a thriving private practice, free from dependence on insurance companies?

If so, this is your chance to make it a reality. With my cash practice coaching program, you’ll gain the support and guidance of dozens of successful practitioners who have already built a profitable cash-based practice. You’ll avoid wasting time, feeling overwhelmed, and breaking the bank when you jump on the bandwagon of others already having huge success in this business model.

Get your questions answered during weekly live coaching calls, join an interactive community of practice owners, and get access to a members-only website packed with done-for-you resources to massively accelerate the  creation of your dream practice. Don’t miss or delay your shot at success— Check it out here!


Jarod Carter's Cash-Based Practice Mastermind

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