How to find the right candidates for your cash-based practiceIn this episode, I coach Jim Heafner on how to best manage the growth of his young cash-based practice as he approaches the moment when he’ll need to add his first PT. We discuss some of the fundamentals of hiring, including how to find great candidates and how you can structure a position to best meet the needs of your practice. You’ll also hear some specific techniques for making the whole process of hiring easier and more efficient. 

This “highlight” is from a full episode on growing a practice from side hustle to fully booked.

More specifically, we discuss the following cash-based practice topics:

  • How to gather a set of interested candidates so you’ll have a head start when you are ready to hire for your practice.
  • The traits to look for when you’re interviewing applicants that will help you find a good fit.
  • How to create a job posting that will help you efficiently find the right sort of candidates.
  • The single best technique you can use before you make an offer to make sure the candidate has the right disposition for the job.
  • How to get existing patients excited about the new hire so you can easily move work off your schedule and onto theirs.
  • Preparing to train your new employees so the onboarding is simplified and moves faster. 
  • How to make sure your compensation model matches the personality of your ideal candidate.
  • Ideas for getting business value from a new hire while they work on filling their schedule with patients.

Interested in the cash-based private practice model? 

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