Jim Heafner, PT, DPT, OCS, started his cash practice as a “side hustle” while working home health prn in Boulder, CO. Within a year of opening, Jim was able to scale and give Heafner Health 100% of his time, and he’s now fully booked and looking to hire his first PT!

In this episode, I ask Jim about what strategies worked to build his practice so quickly and answer some incredibly common questions/dilemmas about scaling and hiring. We discuss what traits I look for in a PT, how to automate the hiring process, and how to ramp up hours and demand for a new PT.

More specifically, we discuss these cash-based practice topics:

    • How Jim transitioned from home health employment to a permanent location for his cash-based practice.
    • The early networking connections that earned Jim lots of patients and referrals
    • Jim’s “20 for 20” discovery session model and how it has drastically helped his business (and earns him some money rather than giving completely free consultations)
    • How Jim got in with a network of 25 personal trainers in his community
    • Jarod’s advice on what traits to look for while hiring new staff physical therapists
    • What to do when you need a 2nd PT but can’t employ them full-time off your current patients
    • Considerations for setting and raising prices in a growing practice
    • Jarod’s simple experiment that shows you that you CAN ask for more money
    • Jim’s new book, Sticks and Stones, about the complexity of pain

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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