Providing your former, current, and potential patients with good information—known as content marketing—is one of the best ways to keep your clinic fresh in their minds. This obviously goes for both traditional PT clinics and Cash Pay practices. There are a number of avenues through which to do so (social media, newsletters, mailers, blogging, etc), but the topic of this post is how to find the best info for them with the least possible effort. The amount of information you have to choose from is daunting, and it can be very time-consuming to regularly sift through it. So here are two methods I use to make an otherwise tedious task quick and easy.

Searchable list of top PT-related sites and blogs is a website that gathers “all the top” websites and blogs for a huge amount of genres and topics. I typically find my posts by searching the AllTop genres of: “Physical Therapy,” “Health,” and “Fitness.” Once or twice a week, I’ll spend a few minutes skimming these different AllTop genres and find something worth posting on my Facebook business page (which is automatically linked to my Twitter account). AllTop has made my social media marketing much less time consuming, and I like the site even more since it recently added to the Physical Therapy genre 🙂

Have great information on physical therapy sent directly to you

Don’t want to have to search for new sharable info and would rather it be sent straight to your inbox? There’s a free service called Google Alerts that is very handy in finding good content. You can use it to receive email alerts when new content about any topic is posted on the internet. Go to to get started but make sure you also check out this page for details on how to enter the alerts properly. The tips are very important to ensure you only receive relevant content. For example, I want to know when anything about my clinic is posted on the internet but if I just typed in Carter Physiotherapy as an alert, I would be notified about anything new that had “Carter” OR “Physiotherapy” (and I would actually receive info on related terms like “Physio” as well). By putting quotes around “Carter Physiotherapy,” I ensure that I’m only notified when the two words are used together.

You can choose how frequently you receive the notifications, and that frequency can differ between alerts. For example, I get an email immediately when anything about me or my company is posted, but I get a weekly email about topics I commonly use for blog and Facebook posts. Some examples of alerts you may set up could be “injury prevention,” “sports injury,” “back pain,” etc. If you specialize in a certain area of PT or type of injury/surgery rehab, you should create alerts about them as well. For example: “women’s health,” “ACL tear,” “TMJ pain.”

Go to the source

When I find that a site on AllTop or Google Alerts is consistently providing me with good information, I’ll directly sign up for their email newsletter and/or RSS feed. Let us know if you have other sites or ways to most efficiently find compelling information for your current and future patients.

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