Want to create content that actually drives patients to your clinic? Then you need to create content that your target audience will actually enjoy and find interesting. To get people clicking on what you post, you need to write articles or create videos about the things your target audience loves… and guess what, it’s not physical therapy or healthcare. In this video, I explain how to choose what subjects to generate content about and give examples of great content that worked for me.

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Content marketing

Content marketing has been making a huge buzz for over a decade now for a simple reason: it works. However, many business owners are unsure of what kind of content they should be producing and where to post it.

The first thing to consider when getting into content marketing is that your marketing will need to be multi-platform. Not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone is on YouTube, and not everyone will read a blog. You need to engage on a number of platforms, so it is to your advantage if your content can be shared across them.

Another thing to consider is that search engines results can be unpredictable for the average business owner. Google owns YouTube, so a search might place your YouTube video much higher than your blog on the same topic. At one point in time, my clinic’s Facebook page was showing up before my clinic’s actual website! By posting to multiple platforms, you cover your bases on search engines.

But how do you keep your content engaging? I use a combination of physical therapy knowledge, like what causes a specific injury or exercises to prevent running injuries, and niche-specific interest pieces. These niche-specific posts are awesome because they attract your target audience regardless of whether they are well or injured – runners want to click on things about running!

I’ve made a couple of running in Austin example headlines to use as inspiration.

  1. The Top 5 Trail Runs in Austin
  2. Review: A PT’s Look at the Asics Dynaflyte 2
  3. 3 Unique 5Ks to Run in Austin

I hope that gives you a good idea of what blog posts or videos you might create if you want to give a boost to your PT practice’s content marketing.


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