EP 30 - benefits and challenges - squareThere are a couple of critical points beyond the obvious benefits and challenges of a cash-based practice, and failing to consider them will cost you big over time. The first is a lucrative opportunity to build your revenue potential, and the other is a relatively new challenge that every out-of-network practice owner should be adapting to. That’s why in the video below, I’ll explain how to leverage some powerful strategies that can help your private-pay practice thrive in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Whether you’re already in the cash-based game, just starting a practice, or in the process of transitioning out-of-network; standing out in today’s marketplace requires more than just offering quality care. So check out the video below, and you’ll hear exactly how you can make the most of a commonly overlooked opportunity as well as how to protect yourself against a steadily growing threat that’s getting far too little attention in most practices.

More specifically, I discuss these topics related to these little-known benefits and challenges of a cash-based practice:

  • The secret to increasing practice revenue with highly marketable complementary services that can bring in new revenue streams and additional customers.
  • Why your competition probably is no longer who you think it is and how you’ll need to adapt to win patients in the future.
  • Strategies to help your practice stand out in an increasingly competitive market.


Little-known benefits and challenges of a cash-based out-of-network practice


I’ve got a free resource for you: “15 Little-Used Ways Cash-Practices Command Top Dollar for their Services,” which will enable you to craft a truly irresistible offer that ensures patients can justify going out of network for your care.

Click below to download this outline that can help your practice stand out against the competition:

Thanks so much for checking out this week’s video… hope you enjoy the resource!



Do this… or lose to your cash-based competition

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Why Patients Will Pay $200 Instead of Using Insurance for $50

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If you or your staff dread the “Do you take my insurance?” question, then look no further than this masterclass. It very quickly provides every detail on how private-pay practices confidently answer this dreaded question, skillfully guide the conversation, and convert the maximum number of prospects into cash-pay customers. Check it out here.


3 Simple and Powerful Strategies that Immediately Build Expert Status and Attract High-Quality Patients

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